Before publicly revealing she was trans, actress Leyna Bloom was terrified of people finding out

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[ ‘Port Authority’ Star Leyna Bloom on Working With Martin Scorsese and Appearing in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue ]

Before publicly revealing she was trans, actress Leyna Bloom was terrified of people finding out about her true identity.

‘To be trans and being a person of color and to be Asian, you have to constantly protect yourself, you have to constantly protect your voice because people hear you and they want to attack you,’ Bloom says on the latest episode of the ‘Just for Variety’ podcast. ‘They see how you move, they see your magic [and] they want to hurt you. And I had to protect those nuances about my identity. I knew the world was not ready for me to say, ‘Hey, I’m here, too.’

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‘A chance to be seen’: How Leyna Bloom made history in ‘Port Authority’ from Scorsese

Bloom’who appeared on the current, third season of the’FX series “Pose”‘ stars in the heartfelt independent drama, which had its world premiere at France’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival back in 2019.

Featuring Bloom as a performer in New York City’s underground ballroom scene, “Port Authority” finally arrives in theaters on Friday, and will be available via video-on-demand outlets on Tuesday, June 1.

‘I’m just happy that everything’s happening right now. There’s so much going on in the world and this movie is part of that coming out of this pandemic,” said Bloom.

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Leyna Bloom is ready for her closeup with trans romantic drama ‘Port Authority’

‘I think the movie is about two people trying to connect with each other in a way that’s new and fresh and beautiful and organic and real and raw. And they’re not choosing to let anyone hold them back,’ says Bloom, who made history with Port Authority in its world premiere at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, marking the first time a feature starring a trans woman of color had debuted at the festival.

The film, executive produced by Martin Scorsese, also marks the feature directing debut for Lessovitz, who cast Bloom, a successful model who’d never starred in a film, in a role that mirrors aspects of Bloom’s own experience as a respected member of the house and ballroom community. Although both actress and director were entering unfamiliar territory, they were in sync ‘from the get go,’ Bloom recalls.

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Leyna Bloom Talks History-Making First Movie & ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue (Exclusive)

Leyna Bloom is a star, but she lives by the moon. “It was a full moon literally last night,” she tells me by Zoom from her Brooklyn apartment. “My birthday was April 25. It was a full moon on my birthday,” she lists off. For the icon-turned-model-turned-actress and trans activist, the moment she’s having isn’t just a long time coming, it’s astrologic, written in the very fabric of space. “It’s the universe, Mother Nature, the elements, they’re all speaking to me, and they’re saying, ‘Pocahontas, you better take back your land.'”

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Leyna Bloom Arrives By Way of ‘Port Authority’

Spring 2021 is shaping up to be Leyna Bloom’s season. In March, it was announced that the model and actress would be the first trans woman of color to be featured in the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, which hits newsstands in July. In early May, she appeared in the final season of ‘Pose,’ and is closing out the month with the release of ‘Port Authority,’ her debut leading film role.

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Leyna Bloom as Wye and Fionn Whitehead as Paul in a still from the film.’ Photo courtesy of Momentum Pictures

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Bloom also arrived in New York via Port Authority. When she was 17, the young aspiring actress boarded a Greyhound bus in her hometown of Chicago, where she first became enmeshed in the ball community.

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