It is supported by 70 percent of Americans and recently passed the House of

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[ Politicians Don’t Get to Use ‘Science’ to Oppose the Equality Act ]

Last month the Senate Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing on the Equality Act, a bill that would extend civil rights protection to LGBTQ people throughout the U.S. It is supported by 70 percent of Americans and recently passed the House of Representatives.

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After 2020’s BLM protests, real police reform proves a struggle

Captured on video by a bystander, the searing image of Chauvin’s failure to get off Floyd for more than nine minutes led to widespread angry protests against police brutality and demands for reform in cities across the United States and the world.

‘There are a lot of misconceptions out there. A lot of people think that neck restraints are already banned, for instance,’ said DeRay McKesson, a protestor and co-founder of Campaign Zero, an advocacy group that lobbies for police reforms.

‘The push around police department budgets didn’t really do as much as people thought,’ McKesson told Al Jazeera.

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How Far Left Infiltrated Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It

Stop Corporate Tyranny is a new coalition on a mission to stop the far left from continuing to influence corporate America with a leftist political agenda. Pictured: A billboard in San Francisco pitches Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, which recently involved itself in a debate over a new election integrity law in Georgia. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The radical left has infiltrated corporate America and is using big business to promote a political agenda.’

Danhof joins ‘The Daily Signal Podcast’ to discuss the ways in which Stop Corporate Tyranny is working to end the left’s influence on American companies, and how you can be a part of the movement for change.’

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2021 Conference on World Affairs wraps up

Flags adorn the walkway to Macky Auditorium for the 2019 Conference on World Affairs. (Fiona Matson/CU Independent file)

April 11 marked the end of the University of Colorado Boulder’s 73rd annual Conference on World Affairs, which kicked off April 5. The conference, including over 80 speakers at 29 virtual events, covered issues of justice, health and environmentalism as well as topics in tech, entertainment and art.’

Last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak the 72nd annual Conference on World Affairs had to cancel all events returning a month later for a few virtual panels. This year the conference took place entirely virtually. CWA recorded all events live on its YouTube page where viewers can still access them.

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Why are there still so few black scientists in the UK?

There have been many reports but little action: UK university science departments need to do more to fix their serious diversity problem

* * *

The Nobel laureate poet Sir Derek Walcott once said that the English language is nobody’s special property: ‘It is the property of the imagination.’ Much the same could be said for science. It should be said. Except this isn’t quite so. Not yet.

* * *

I know numbers can make the eyes glaze over, but not these ones, not after the year we have had. Follow the direction in which they point or, as the government has become fond of saying, ‘follow the science’, and the interpretation of all these statistics is simply this: the scientific knowledge that the UK produces happens in laboratories in universities that are staffed by senior scientists who are very nearly all white. At their elbows stand the next generation of young researchers and PhD scholars who are very nearly the same. The small numbers of scientists who are not white are predominantly formed of the so-called AMEs in BAME. But look specifically at the near-absence of scientists who identify as black and we can be quite sure that UK science ‘ our UK scientists ‘ is not even close to reflecting the peoples that it serves.

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Where weed is legal

State legislatures have been slow to catch up to the marijuana legalization trend as, time and again, they let voters decide what to do about decades-old weed laws. That’s changing this year.

Virginia’s Legislature passed a recreational legalization bill in February, becoming the first Southern state to fully embrace weed. Last week, lawmakers in New York and New Mexico legalized weed for adults, after years of failed efforts. New Jersey lawmakers also passed legislation implementing a voter-approved legalization amendment. And more conservative states like Kansas and Alabama are moving medical marijuana legalization bills forward.

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