Photographing wildflowers and other ways you can help fight climate change

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With the help of volunteers, scientists are monitoring wildflowers on Mount Rainier as part of climate change research.

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Climate change can seem like a problem too big for any one person to bother tackling. Photographing wildflowers and other ways you can help ... photographing ... Photographing wildflowers and other ways you can help fight climate change This painted sign, by Xavier Cortada, is a marker that someone can plant in their yard. It shows how high the sea would have to rise to flood the owner’s home (5 feet, or 1.5 meters). But that doesn’t mean that people are just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the inevitable. 8 Tips for Photographing Wildflowers /8-tips-for- photographing ... In this post, Steve Berardi from PhotoNaturalist discusses eight tips for photographing wildflowers . With spring on the horizon in some parts of the world, you may be thinking about photographing some beautiful wildflowers soon. So, here are 8 tips to get you started: 1. Use a tripod Using a tripod will help you get sharper […] There are kids who have sued the U.S. government. More than a million students and other people worldwide took to the streets in a one-day strike on behalf of the climate. And scientists, of course, do research to help inform the public about what’s happening to the world around us.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

George Monbiot Q + A ‘ How rejuvenating nature could help fight climate change

Natural climate solutions let nature do the hard work in the fight against climate change by restoring habitats such as forests and wetlands. Ideas for Photographing Wildflowers | Nature TTL ideas-for-photographing-wildflowers However, it’s probably fair to say there isn’t a definitive way to photograph flowers and it has more to do with the style of image that you are trying to capture. This may be inspired by other photographers’ images or from being out in the field surrounded by a spectacular display of wildflowers . This could absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help biodiversity thrive. How to Photograph Wildflowers - dummies /.../shooting/how-to- photograph - wildflowers Related Book. The right equipment and camera settings can help you photograph wildflowers . In some areas, you find wildflowers everywhere: in the woods, by streams, and even in natural storm water ditches. You also find wildflowers in mountainous regions. Stephen Woroniecki ‘ a PhD Researcher in Climate Change Adaptation from Lund University in Sweden ‘ discusses how this approach could address the ecological crisis with Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner George Monbiot.

Q: What has inspired you about natural solutions to climate change and what are their chief advantages over other approaches?

Improving Your Landscape Photography by Adding a Subject into the Picture

Have you ever made a picture of a landscape? Sure you have. Everyone has. Making the photo is the easy part, but showing the landscape how you experienced it, is something else. Often the photo does not show the landscape from you perception. How to Create Dynamic Wildflower Photos in Digital Photography wildflower ... After all, wildflowers seem to offer the photographer so much: striking hues, graceful curves, and dramatic color contrast. It’s no wonder that so many people photograph wildflowers . However, like any other area of photography , creating wildflower images that rise above the ordinary requires knowledge and skill. Finding a subject is often one of the solutions.

For a lot of photo enthusiasts it is the first thing that is photographed when the new camera has arrived: a landscape. You can find a landscape everywhere; you just have to step outside the door. It does not matter where you live. Landscapes can even be found in the city; they are called urban landscapes.

Everything Your Intern Wants From You

Interns are an investment of time and resources that could realistically go towards hiring a full-time employee instead. So what do you stand to gain from taking one on for a couple of months?

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to detail how you can benefit from having an intern, what they want from you, and why (from the perspective of a current intern in tech).

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An intern (from the eyes of an intern) is someone who isn’t quite at the level of a full-time employee but could be sometime soon. I don’t expect to have the same output and understanding as a full-time employee, which is why I’m here to learn from them and get better. On the other side of things, employers usually also have the same expectation that I’ve still got plenty of room to grow, but will produce meaningful contributions over my internship.

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