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Nasa Rocket Launch Wallops Island Could Be Visible Friday

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Landsat 9, NASA’s most powerful Landsat satellite ever, is ‘go’ for launch on Monday
on 25th of Sep 2021 NASA has cleared its newest powerful Earth-observing satellite for a launch into orbit from the California coast on Monday (Sept. 27). The satellite, called Landsat 9, is on track to lift off from the

NASA shows off new images, video of Space Launch System rocket
(Sep 2021) NASA has unveiled new images and video of the Space Launch System rocket, set to launch Artemis I, scheduled to fly 280,000 miles into space later this year.

NASA shares glorious new views of its extremely powerful SLS moon rocket
(Sep 2021) The hefty rocket will launch the Artemis 1 moon mission, but first NASA has to put all the parts together and run a lot of tests.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch internet satellite to serve Alaska in 2022
on 25th of Sep 2021 SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket just got another passenger. The powerful Falcon Heavy is now scheduled to loft Astranis’ first commercial communications satellite to orbit next spring, Astranis

NASA seeks a new ride for astronauts to the Artemis launch pad
(Sep 2021) NASA has asked industry for ideas to develop an “Artemis Crew Transportation Vehicle” that will take its astronauts from suit-up facilities to the launch pad on launch day. The space agency, of course

TWIRL 32: NASA preparing to launch Landsat 9 to observe Earth
on 25th of Sep 2021 This week, the rocket launch schedule just consists of satellite missions. Among them is Landsat 9, the latest in the Landsat program which first began operation in July 1972, almost 50 years ago.

NASA’s Space Launch System Just Came One Step Closer to Blast Off
(Sep 2021) The Space Launch System has been hit by many delays, but things are now falling in place as NASA ticks off milestones preparing for the Artemis Program.

CU researchers prepare for launch sending cereal box-sized satellite into space to study planet evolution
Sep 26th, 2021 12:04 UTC A launch from a U.S. Space Force base will hold personal meaning for a team of CU Boulder researchers who are hoping to learn more about planets beyond our solar system.

NASA TV to Air Landsat 9 Launch, Prelaunch Activities
(Sep 2021) NASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the Landsat 9 satellite, a joint NASA and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) mission that will continue the legacy of

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Will Launch Into Orbit in December
(Sep 2021) The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be launched into space on December 18 aboard a European Space Agency (ESA) Ariane 5 rocket, reports Abigail Beall for New Scientist.  The orbiting infrared

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