Paranormal North – Episode 2: The Val Johnson UFO Incident

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In this episode of the podcast, we look at a rare sighting in northwest Minnesota during the summer of 1979 – a sighting that would go down in paranormal history as one of the most significant UFO encounters ever.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Val Johnson was on patrol near Stephen, Minn., when he spotted ‘a very bright, brilliant light’ on a rural road. His investigation into the unusual sight ended with the light shooting towards his vehicle and knocking him unconscious. Johnson’s damaged vehicle would be preserved, and evidence from the attack would leave experts scratching their heads for decades to come.

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Paranormal North – Episode 2: The Val Johnson UFO Incident

Hear about Johnson’s encounter, the numerous investigations into the incident and why the year 1979 seemed primed for this type of otherworldly encounter. ‘Paranormal North’ covers all the bases of this milestone case in UFO research known as “the Val Johnson incident.”

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