Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda. The mother of nine logged into her Instagram account to post a video of herself wearing her swimwear

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[ Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda floors fans as she dons skimpy bikini to herd cows ]

Channel 5 star Amanda Owen, who shot to fame on Our Yorkshire Farm, took to Instagram to share a video of herself working hard at her remote farm wearing a blue polka dot bikini on Sunday

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen looked every inch a stunning Shepherdess as she got to work over the weekend wearing a bikini.

The mother of nine logged into her Instagram account to post a video of herself wearing her swimwear while working hard at her remote farm, Ravenseat, in the warm weather on Sunday morning.

Wearing a blue polka dot bikini and gold hoop earrings, the Channel 5 beauty could be heard shouting “c’mon c’mon” to her herd of cows.

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ASK CAROLINE: Our relationships expert Caroline West

My daughter confided in me that she thinks the son of one of my friends has been taking drugs. They are at the same university and some of his friends are well known for smoking weed and some even take cocaine. My daughter is worried about him and has asked me for advice. She begged me not to tell his mum because she doesn’t want him to think she has said anything. But I have known his mother for years and I would feel terrible if her son slid into addiction and I didn’t do anything. If it were my son, I would want to know.

I think you are right, you would feel awful if he descended into addiction, and so would your daughter. Many students take cannabis and believe it is harmless but it can escalate into taking other drugs and can also lead to mental health problems. It is important not to break your daughter’s confidence because she needs to know that she can confide in you. But of course it is hard for you not to tell your friend. You need to tell your daughter that you won’t say anything just yet but you may have to if the boy becomes a serious worry. In the meantime, if your daughter feels able to, she could tell him she is really worried and encourage him to get help. It is important that she does so safely. Firstly, she could contact talktofrank.com (0300 1236600) which can advise her on what to say and how. It could also give you advice on how to talk to your friend if you need to ‘ and how to avoid making the situation worse or creating a problem between your daughter and your friend’s son.

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Greetings Earthlings: Those crazy UFOs again! The data presented above may one day be zapped to another dimension. Just thought you should be aware. Guess what. I dropped it.