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One Oil Company Expertly Predicted This Weeks Co2 Milestone Almost 40 Years Ago

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Dangerous heatwave starts hitting US and Canada
(Jul 2019) For example, growing biomass takes CO2 out of the atmosphere, while burning it releases the gas again. The process would be carbon neutral if the amount taken out and the amount released were

Global Briefing: KLM clears fly less campaign for take
(Jul 2019) Because that’s where the main part of the problem for CO2 emissions is . ensuring one of the world’s largest polluters formally adopts the international treaty. Deputy prime minister Alexei Gordeev

How much CO2 does a single volcano emit? (Synopsis)
(years back)   ScienceBlogs

“One volcano puts out more toxic gases – one volcano – than man makes in a whole year. And when you look at this ‘climate change,’ and when you look at the .

The Radicalization of US Policy on Venezuela
(since Jan, 2019)   Consortium News

Not since the Cuban revolution, has the U.S. government played such an overtly activist role in Latin America, writes Steve Ellner. By Steve Ellner Special to .

Science could have it all wrong. But…
(years back)   ScienceBlogs

“We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns .

Martyn Brown: What the world needs to know about Justin Trudeau’s dirty crude pipe dream
(months ago)   Straight.com

Alberta is planning to ramp up tarsands production and the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion will likely lead to higher gasoline prices in B.C..

Volt vs. Prius: What’s the Best Way to Use One Gallon of Gas?
(years back)   Motor Trend

Sam Boyle is holding one gallon of regular-grade gasoline. The color of apple juice, it has the hydrocarbon *content* of 98 tons of buried prehistoric plant matter.

Your Hard-Earned Money Is Going Towards Subsidies For The Biggest Pollutors- Big Oil companies
(years back)   CounterCurrents.org

Even today, the fossil fuel industry remains one of the biggest contributors to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, raising the temperature of the earth .

SPX Seital and Valicor Separation Technologies – A Strong Partnership in North America
(years back)   ThomasNet News

Since SPX signed a distribution agreement with Michigan-based Valicor Separation Technologies LLC to distribute SPX Seital Separation Technology .

Used car buying guide: Honda Integra Type R DC2
(months ago)   Autocar

Just four years ago, you could pick up a good Honda Integra Type R DC2 for around £4500. Then, your money bought a 1997 R-reg car with 100,000 miles and .

Portland-Area Dispensaries – Willamette Week
(years back) Portland-Area Dispensaries  Willamette Week

Alberta Green House. 1313 NE Alberta St., 954-3900, thealbertagreenhousedispensary.com. A charming little bungalow in the heart of the Alberta Arts District, .

All The Highlights From Day 3 Of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week
(years back)   Huffington Post Canada

Friday marked the final day of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*FW) spring/summer 2016, and boy did the season end off with a bang. Keniya-X kicked things .

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