Oldest Sulawesi Science Advances. Map data: Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 1 Arc-Second Global by NASA/NGS/USGS and GEBCO_2014 Grid

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[ Oldest cave art found in Sulawesi – Science Advances ]

(A) The rock art sites under study are all situated in limestone karst areas in the island’s southwestern peninsula [see (B) for detail of area shown inside the rectangle]. (B) Locations of limestone caves or shelters discussed in the study: 1, Leang Tedongnge; 2, Leang Timpuseng; 3, Leang Barugayya 2; 4, Leang Bulu’ Sipong 4; 5, Gua Uhallie; 6, Leang Balangajia 1; 7, Leang Bulu Bettue; and 8, Leang Burung 2. Map data: Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 1 Arc-Second Global by NASA/NGS/USGS and GEBCO_2014 Grid version 20150318 (http://gebco.net). Base maps were created by M. Kottermair and A. Jalandoni.

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Date: 2021-01-01
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One of the oldest known cave paintings has been found in Indonesia

Inside a cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, scientists have found one of the oldest known artistic depictions of a real-world object or organism. It’s a painting of a warty pig, an animal still found on Sulawesi, that was rendered on the cave’s back wall at least 45,500 years ago, researchers report January 13 in Science Advances.

The discovery adds to evidence that ‘the first modern human cave art traditions did not emerge in Ice Age Europe, as long supposed, but perhaps earlier in Asia or even in Africa, where our species evolved,’ says study author Adam Brumm, an archaeologist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

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World’s oldest known cave painting found in Indonesia

The finding, described in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday, provides the earliest evidence of human settlement of the region.

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Co-author Maxime Aubert, of Australia’s Griffith University, told AFP it was found on the island of Sulawesi in 2017 by doctoral student Basran Burhan, as part of surveys the team was carrying out with Indonesian authorities.

The Leang Tedongnge cave is located in a remote valley enclosed by sheer limestone cliffs, about an hour’s walk from the nearest road.

It is only accessible during the dry season because of flooding during the wet season ‘ and members of the isolated Bugis community told the team it had never before been seen by westerners.

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Pig Painting May Be World’s Oldest Cave Art Yet, Archaeologists Say

In a hidden valley on an Indonesian island, there is a cave decorated with what may be the oldest figurative art ever glimpsed by modern eyes.

The vivid depiction of a wild pig, outlined and filled in with mulberry-hued pigment, dates back at least 45,500 years, according to a study published on Wednesday in Science Advances. It was discovered deep inside a cave called Leang Tedongnge in December 2017, during an archaeological survey led by Basran Burhan, a graduate student at Griffith University and co-author of the new research. The animal in the painting resembles the warty pig, a species still living today on the island of Sulawesi where the cave is.

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Warty pig is oldest animal cave art on record

The oldest-known animal drawing in the world is a 45,500-year-old depiction of a hairy, warty pig on a cave wall in Indonesia, a new study finds.

The mulberry colored painting, drawn with the red mineral ochre, shows the profile of what is likely a Sulawesi warty pig (Sus celebensis), a wild stubby-legged beast with facial warts that can weigh up to nearly 190 pounds (85 kilograms). These pigs “are still found there today, although in ever-dwindling numbers,” said study co-lead researcher Adam Brumm, a professor of archaeology at Griffith University’s Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution.

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Hidden ‘cave popcorn’ leads to world’s oldest cave art discovery

A team of Griffith University archaeologists has shared in the discovery of what may be the world’s oldest known cave painting, dating back to at least 45,500 years ago.

It’s been described as one of the ‘coolest types of discoveries’ because it was ‘hiding in plain site’.

Professor Adam Brumm, an archaeologist on a team behind the groundbreaking discovery revealed today, says what they believe is the world’s oldest known cave painting was ‘sitting right in front of our noses’.

It’s taken the team years of methodical work to publish their paper, out today in Science Advances.

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A warty pig painted on a cave wall 45,500 years ago is the world’s oldest depiction of an animal

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