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Oldest Cave Art Found In Sulawesi Science Advances

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Archaeologists Discover 200,000-Year-Old Hand & Footprints That Could Be the World’s Earliest Cave Art
on 03rd of Dec 2021 Wet cement triggers a primal impulse, particularly in children. It’s so tempting to inscribe a pristine patch of sidewalk with a lasting impression of one’s existence. Is the coast clear? Yes? Quick,

Discovering The Oldest Figural Paintings On Earth
(since Nov, 2021) While working as an independent archeologist, an Indonesian grad student revised the human story . Basran Burhan was born in Indonesia, on the centrally located island of Sulawesi. He studied

New Study Claims This Mammoth Bone Piece Is Oldest Known Ornate Jewelry in Eurasia
on 03rd of Dec 2021 It doesn’t look like much. A little shorter than your thumb, perhaps, yellowed and scarred with age, and cracked clean through. But this small piece of mammoth ivory recovered from a cave in what is

41,500-Year-Old Mammoth Ivory Pendant Found in Poland
(since Nov, 2021) The 41,500-year-old oval-shaped pendant from Stajnia Cave in Poland is the oldest decorated jewelry found in Eurasia.

Crystal caves and old-school ways: A Huon Valley adventure back in time
(Dec 2021) If you’re like me and you don’t like change, you’ll love the Huon Valley. It has a genuine art deco pub from the 1930s and a glittering crystal cave that hasn’t changed in 40 million years, writes. I

Is this mammoth-ivory pendant Eurasia’s oldest surviving jewellery?
(since Nov, 2021) Radiocarbon dating suggests 41,500-year-old carved tusk fragment could be the region’s earliest known example of jewellery decorated by humans.

This decorated mammoth ivory pendant is 41,500 years old
(since Nov, 2021) While our species was spreading across Eurasia and briefly sharing a continent with the last of the Neanderthals, someone took the time to carefully shape an oval pendant out of mammoth ivory, then

Decorated ivory ‘pendant’ carved from mammoth tusk is oldest example of ornate jewellery in Eurasia, archaeologists say
(since Nov, 2021) A beautiful ivory artefact is the oldest example of decorated jewellery in Eurasia,  international archaeologists say. But could it be something even more intriguing?

Tool made from horse bone found to be more than 40,000 years old
(since Nov, 2021) The awl, a small pointed tool for piercing holes, was found at the same site as a pendant of mammoth ivory, which dates from the same era.

With The Vampire’s House, Susie Cave Expands Into Old Hollywood Homeware
(since Nov, 2021) Susie Cave, the heavenly woman behind The Vampire’s Wife, has designs on our homes, particularly our bedrooms. The impeccably well-dressed creative, whose politely ruffled dresses became something of

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