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Ocean Water Negatively Impacted By Hurricane Florence

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As oceans rapidly warm because of climate change, an urgent need to improve hurricane forecasts
(Apr 2019) But warm temperatures at the sea . water may have implications beyond fueling hurricane strengthening and rainfall prediction. Nontropical cyclones, the bread-and-butter low-pressure systems that

Hurricane Harvey provides lessons learned for flood resiliency plans
(Apr 2019) Scientists used satellite data to map the Houston-Galveston area impacted by Hurricane Harvey to understand . then compiled a snapshot of the extent of standing water in the area following the

2019 Hurricane Season Forecasts: Potential Maryland Impact
Apr 20th, 2019 09:55 UTC Other years with similar conditions saw hurricanes with impacts along the East Coast . Maryland before going back out to sea. More recently, Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 made landfall

Early 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Prediction Slightly Below Average
(Apr 2019) We’re still two months from the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season on June 1st — and four . that form in these areas typically bring winds (and potentially negative impacts, like landfall)

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