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Ocean Water Negatively Impacted By Hurricane Florence

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Warming oceans might actually be good news for the original sea monster
on 15th of Jun 2019 The rapid change is expected to have a profound effect on ocean ecosystems. Carbon dioxide dissolved in water winds up . that it negatively impacts tiny cyanobacteria. Those tiny creatures

Grand Strand Fishing Report: A week of rain has had an impact on action in estuaries
(Jun 2019) Comments: The rainy stretches all week have had a negative impact on fishing . Brant McMullan of Ocean Isle Fishing Center has certainly had his eye on where king mackerel can be found. “(Fishing)

5G wireless signals could reduce accuracy of hurricane forecasting, scientists warn
(Jun 2019) Satellites tracking water . sea,” Jacobs said. “It’s incredibly important.” Ross, the commerce secretary, said in a Feb. 28 letter to the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Trump appointee, that “the current

Scientists up hurricane projections ever so slightly
(Jun 2019) That includes Subtropical Storm Andrea, a short-lived cyclone that formed in mid May and didn’t impact . Atlantic Ocean temperatures have crept up, making it more conducive to hurricane development,

Guest column: Here’s what Tampa Bay can still learn about planning for sea level rise
(Jun 2019) Ovink, special envoy for international water affairs for the Netherlands, was a senior advisor to the U.S. government in rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy . step toward addressing the impacts

During Capitol Hill Ocean Week, The U.S. House Passed Four Bills To Study Changing Ocean Chemistry
(Jun 2019) Changes in acidity and overall ocean . negatively affect an animal’s sense of smell (which helps them avoid predators, find food, and identify good habitats) and ability to grow its shell. “We first

The Energy 202: Trump administration says ocean trash cleanup is a top priority on Asia trip
(Jun 2019) Instead, Wheeler plans to talk a lot about the tons of trash floating in the ocean he just flew over . But those too could negatively impact bears, seals and caribous, conservations and agency

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