Now there have been even more UFO sightings in Gloucestershire

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Now there have been even more UFO sightings in Gloucestershire‘Gloucestershire LiveWhat Are The Odds Of Seeing A UFO In The US? It Depends On Where You Live‘TheThings (blog)

The picture seems to show a UFO and the resident says that she had seen them on and off over the past five months.

Last week there were also reports of red, white and blue lights in the skies hovering over Cheltenham and Gloucester between 9pm and 1am.

It is not just at night that UFOs are being spotted. In the summer a man took a picture as he was unsure what the burst of light in the sky was. So it seems that they can appear literally day or night.

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What Are The Odds Of Seeing A UFO In The US? It Depends On Where You Live

Nowadays, the odds of seeing a UFO depend mostly on where you live. In the US, you are most likely to see a UFO in Wyoming, where your odds are one in 20,500. However, if you live in Florida, your odds drop to one in 348,500. Meanwhile, in Missouri, which only has a population of 6,113,532, there have been 7,467 UFO sightings, yet in New York, which has a population of 19,849,399, there have been a scant 7,641 sightings. has launched a site that explores UFO sighting odds where users can check the probability of seeing a UFO in their state, as well as learn about notable UFO sightings throughout history.

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