The helicopter’s first flight is just over a week away.

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[ News . NASA’s Mars Helicopter Survives First Cold Martian Night on Its Own ]

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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Touches Down, Prepares for Flight

NASA’s’Mars helicopter Ingenuity‘touched down on the surface of the Red Planet after being dropped by its mother ship, the’Perseverance rover, the space agency announced late Saturday (April 4). The helicopter’s first flight is just over a week away.

‘#MarsHelicopter touchdown confirmed! Its 293 million mile (471 million km) journey aboard @NASAPersevere ended with the final drop of 4 inches (10 cm) from the rover’s belly to the surface of Mars today,’ officials with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California wrote in a Twitter announcement. ‘Next milestone? Survive the night.’

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NASA’s Curiosity Team Names Martian Hill That Serves as Mission

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With Mini Helicopter On Mars, NASA Hopes To Reinvent Flight ‘On Another World’

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter with all four of its legs deployed before dropping from the belly of the Perseverance rover on March 30, 2021. NASA hide caption

NASA’s miniature helicopter has safely deployed on Mars, setting the stage for a potential first flight on the Red Planet.

The successful deployment brings NASA one step closer to its first attempt at testing the possibility of powered, controlled flight on another planet ‘ which could one day allow scientists to observe and explore parts of Mars’ surface that rovers can’t reach.

NASA has compared Ingenuity’s experimental mission to the Wright brothers’ historic first flight in 1903, which ushered in the aerial age on Earth.

Date: 2021-04-04
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NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity has survived its first Martian night alone as 1st test flight looms

The agency’s Perseverance rover, which landed safely in Jezero Crater on the Martian surface Feb. 18, has been carrying Ingenuity in its belly as mission teams prepare for the craft’s first flight, which is set to take place no sooner than April 11. On Saturday (April 3), in the next step toward the flight, the rover dropped Ingenuity onto the surface of Mars, where it would have to survive temperatures as low as minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 90 degrees Celsius).’

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Mars milestone: NASA Ingenuity helicopter survives first cold night alone

NASA called the helicopter’s survival “a major milestone.” Mars gets brutally cold, reaching as low as minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 90 degrees Celsius) in the Jezero Crater. That’s enough to mess with Ingenuity’s electronics and batteries, but the chopper survived thanks to insulation, heaters and enough battery power to keep itself warm.

Ingenuity is a high-risk, high-reward technology demonstration. NASA hopes it will represent the first powered, controlled flight on another planet. Perseverance will act as a witness from an overlook location.’

The next step is for Ingenuity to check its systems out, release the restraints on its rotor blades and test out the blades and motors. While originally eyeing no earlier than April 8 for the first hovering test flight, NASA is now looking at April 11. If that goes well, more flight tests will follow.

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