While Florida lacks the scenic vistas that western and northern states offer, Central Florida

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[ New ‘Eyewear’ to Deepen the View of NASA’s Roman Space Telescope ]

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Orlando: 9 best views of the City Beautiful

These are both possibilities when looking for new views of the City Beautiful. While Florida lacks the scenic vistas that western and northern states offer, Central Florida provides locals and visitors some unique ways to glimpse various vistas of Orlando.

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Take a tour on The Wheel at ICON Park for an 18-minute ride that provides visitors with views from 400 feet up in the sky. See landmarks including Walt Disney World, downtown Orlando, I-Drive and Universal Orlando from within an air-conditioned capsule. The family-friendly attraction offers a discount for those who purchase tickets online and Florida residents. Bonus: the Orlando StarFlyer at ICON Park also provides new heights for seeing Central Florida. More info: iconparkorlando.com

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A telescope that tracks stars from your smartphone democratizes astronomy

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Hubble Space Telescope’s Chief Scientist On What It Took To Get The Project Off The Ground

Iconic images of astronomical pillars of gas and dust, views of galaxies soon after they were formed, an accelerating universe driven by Dark Energy’ ‘give us more!’ say the public and the taxpayers. The Hubble Space Telescope is undoubtedly one of the most popular science projects today. It was not always thus.

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With its origins dating back to a time when almost all astronomers used photographic plates to record images at ground-based telescopes, the idea of an ambitious and expensive observatory in space was not a popular one.

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Astronomy’s New Stars

Stargazing, says Timothy Ferris, an awardwinning writer on astronomical subjects who teaches at the University of California at Berkeley, ‘is at once one of the oldest and most ennobling, and one of the newest and most challenging of human activities.’ Ferris, 58, has been training an eye on the night sky since he was a boy in Florida and has written ten books and two PBS television programs on the universe and cosmology. He even produced for NASA a recording that was placed aboard the Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977, and that would, in essence, speak for Earth and human civilization as Voyager hurtled through the solar system. The recording included 90 minutes of music from around the world, natural sounds of Earth, greetings in scores of languages and more than 100 photographs.

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