NASA’s Perseverance Has a Mars Rover Family Portrait

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It’s not every day you send something to another planet, and NASA likes to adorn its robotic explorers with a little decoration to make these missions extra-special. That’s why the people of Earth were invited to add their name to a tiny silicon chip mounted on the rover. Now that the rover is on the surface and there are dozens of photos of its hardware, the internet has spotted another fun ornamentation: a cute little rover family.’

NASA is invested in anthropomorphizing its rovers ‘ you need look no further than Twitter to confirm that. So, it’s only right the robot should display its family configuration for all to see, like so many minivans here on Earth. The human stick figure version usually consists of one or two adults, along with smaller figures to represent kids. Some of them even toss in the family dog.’

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NASA’s Perseverance rover carried a family portrait of its robotic siblings to Mars

I’m part of a proud lineage of robotic explorers, carrying the torch forward on Mars. This plaque I carry pays tribute to those who’ve gone before me, and to new possibilities ahead. #CountdownToMars

From left to right, you can see Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, Curiosity and Perseverance lined up in the order they landed on the Red Planet: 1997, 2004, 2012 and 2021. On the far right of the decal is NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter drone, which caught a ride on Perseverance and will attempt to fly the skies of Mars later this year.

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NASA’s Perseverance has a little ‘family portrait’ Easter egg

In 1972, astronaut Charles Duke left a family portrait on the moon. Now, almost 50 years later, another NASA employee keeps its own family close.

The Perseverance rover made its monumental landing on Mars on Feb. 18 and it has already sent thousands of raw images back to Earth. Hidden in photos of the rover itself is a “bumper sticker” with icons of NASA’s previous Mars rover missions, Space pointed out.’

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