A celebrated Black science fiction author who believed she could write better stories than those in

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[ NASA’s New Horizons Reaches a Rare Space Milestone ]

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NASA/JPL named two sites on Mars after an author and an engineer. Here’s why you should know them, too.

A celebrated Black science fiction author who believed she could write better stories than those in B-grade movies, and a former NASA senior director who gazed at the stars while growing up in a remote part of Africa have been honored’with Mars Perseverance sites named after them.

The names of Octavia Butler, a visionary’award-winning writer, and’Jakob van Zyl, a brilliant engineer and manager who helped send spacecraft across the solar system, are now part of the Perseverance rover’s mission. Their names now designate where the rover landed and where it will watch the Ingenuity helicopter fly.

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Author: NASA JPL named two sites on Mars after an author and an engineer Here s why you should know them too
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What it will take for humans to colonize the Moon and Mars

Based on this new evidence, Mueller estimates that there should be enough water ice available to ‘launch a vehicle like the space shuttle every day for 2,000 years. So there’s a lot of water on the moon. The trick is, is we have to find it, access it, and mine it, and then economically use it.’

The revelation that the moon holds a cache of water ‘ which can be used to both quenchslake an astronaut’s thirst and power their rocket ‘ could set off a resource grab the likes of which we haven’t seen since the days of the forty-niner, Pete Carrato, Senior Consulting Engineer at the Bechtel Corporation, noted during the same panel discussion. ‘So, the next gold rush to me is to the south pole of the Moon, and it’s a harsh environment.’

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NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has lowered all four legs

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is moving closer to its maiden voyage on Mars, after it lowered all four legs, putting it in a position to touch down on the Martian surface.’

The 4-pound (1.8-kilogram) rotorcraft arrived on Mars attached to the belly of Perseverance, which touched down on the Red Planet’on February 18.

NASA said this was a ‘step by step’ process, with the full deployment of the helicopter from Perseverance expected to take about six days to complete.

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Date: 2021-03-31T11:43:15+0100
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Pluto Scientists Were Masters Of The Long Haul ‘ Here’s How People Stick With Extremely Long

What’s it like to do the kind of work in which the time horizon to accomplishment is so vast? Here’s what Cheng told the Post: ‘You just have to teach yourself: Wait. Just wait. Be patient. It’s a very long time.’ Indeed it is. So how do people who thrive in these settings stay motivated?

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Patience is, as they say, a virtue, and we admire Andy Cheng’s copious reserves of it, but we suspect there’s more to it than that. The pursuit of long-term goals poses challenges relevant to professionals in a variety of work settings, not just space scientists on a Pluto mission. Many lines of work involve balancing short-term demands with long-run hopes and strategies, and the tension between the two has a lengthy provenance in the study of management among both academics and practitioners.

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