The first piece of hardware that would become part of the rover arrived on the clean room floor of

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[ NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Goes Coast-to-Coast to Prep for Launch ]

“Our rover has left the only home it has ever known,” said John McNamee, Mars 2020 project manager. “The 2020 family here at JPL is a little sad to see it go, but we’re even more proud knowing that the next time our rover takes to the skies, it will be headed to Mars.”

Assembly, test and launch operations for Mars 2020 began in January 2018. The first piece of hardware that would become part of the rover arrived on the clean room floor of JPL’s Spacecraft Assembly Facility‘s High Bay 1 a few months later.

The rover’s aeroshell – its protective covering for the trip to the Red Planet – arrived at Kennedy this past December. Early on Feb. 11, the rover, cruise stage, descent stage and mission support equipment headed in four police-escorted trucks to the U.S. Air Force’s March Air Reserve Base, where they were loaded aboard the two waiting C-17s.

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Mars 2020 Rover Arrives At KSC To Prepare For Summer Launch

CAPE CANAVERAL’NASA’s follow-on rover to the successful Mars Curiosity mission has arrived at Kennedy Space Center for preparations to launch this summer and join its twin for a deeper dive into possible past habitable environments on the Red Planet.’

Mars 2020, which will be renamed before launch, also will cache samples for return to Earth as part of a joint effort with the European Space Agency.’

Two Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster airlifters’carrying the Mars 2020 rover, its cruise stage, descent stage and a small helicopter that will accompany the rover’touched down at Kennedy Space Center’s former Shuttle Landing Facility shortly after 3 p.m. EST Feb. 12.’

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NASA gives JPL green light for mission to bring a piece of Mars back to Earth

NASA’s proposed budget builds toward a future when earthlings will set foot on Mars. And in the meantime, it takes the next big step toward bringing a little bit of Mars back to Earth.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Monday unveiled a $25.2-billion plan that would send astronauts back to the moon by 2024 as part of the space agency’s Artemis program, and ultimately prepare for a crewed mission tothe Red Planet.

The White House’s budget request for NASA earmarks more than $3.3 billion for a lunar landing system for humans ‘ the first direct funding for such a system since the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s.

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Rocks, Rockets and Robots: The Plan to Bring Mars Down to Earth

In 2031 a cannonball shot from Mars should fall to Earth somewhere in the deserts of the western U.S., allowing scientists to get their hands on what some would consider the most precious materials in human history: pristine geologic samples taken from the surface of another planet.

Decades in the making, this moment would represent the zenith of the robotic Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission, an international endeavor involving NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and a consortium of industry partners. Nasas mars 2020 rover goes coast to News NASA's Mars 2020 rover goes coast-to-coast to prep for launchPhys.org22 hours agotrip that began yesterday at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. "Our rover has left the only home it has ... But its realization is far from a foregone conclusion.

Aside from one component’NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, set to launch as early as July’the multistage mission remains mostly conceptual, despite its estimated $7-billion price tag. And more than just a myriad of technical obstacles and never before seen acts of spacefaring derring-do stand in the way of success. Mars 2020 rover moved to Cape Canaveral for July launch preparationsAstronomy Now4 hours agoImage: NASA-JPL/Caltech Two U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster cargo jets completed a 3,700-kilometre (2,300-mile) coast-to-coast ... There is no guarantee that two space agencies’each funded by, and emblematic of, very different political systems’can work perfectly in tandem to meet the milestones in the mission’s breathtakingly tight 11-year time line. The difficulties even extend beyond what would seem to be the greatest challenge: actually returning the hard-won samples to Earth. Mission planners are still debating how, exactly, to safeguard the rocks from Mars against Earthly contamination, as well as any possible outbreak, no matter how unlikely, of an alien organism.

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JPL gets OK for Mars mission that’ll bring some of the Red Planet back to Earth

The announcement was welcomed by scientists who have long sought a precious piece of our dusty, rust-hued neighbor.

Satellite missions have documented what look like ancient riverbeds and deltas on the planet’s surface, and NASA rovers have found telltale chemicals that indicate Mars once had habitable, watery environments.

‘It’s a very complex mission technologically, probably the most complex mission that the Science Mission Directorate has ever done,’ Watkins said.

The White House request is not final; Congress ultimately determines NASA’s annual budget. NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Goes Coast-to-Coast to Prep for ... Mars 2020 Rover Goes Coast-to-Coast to Prep for Launch Seeing the Mars 2020 Rover Off : On Feb. 11, 2020, Mars 2020 Assembly, Test and Launch Operations Manager David Gruel watched as members of his team loaded NASA's next Mars rover onto an Air Force C-17 at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California. Still, if all goes as planned, the Mars Sample Return mission would launch in 2026 and, with the aid of a third satellite mission, return its first Martian cargo by 2031.

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