NASA Mars Mac. But when it comes to rovers, “state of the art” is a subjective term.

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[ NASA’s latest Mars rover has the same processor as an iMac from 1998 ]

NASA’s brand-new Perseverance rover is the most advanced machine that’s ever landed on Mars. But when it comes to rovers, ‘state of the art’ is a subjective term. Perseverance is running on none other than a PowerPC 750, a single-core, 233MHz processor with just 6 million transistors that’s most famous for powering the original ‘Bondi blue’ iMac from 1998. It’s the same type of processor that NASA already uses in its Curiosity rover.

That may seem like a waste to some. After all, even with the difficulty of buying computer parts these days, surely NASA could have found the budget for something like Intel’s $500 Core i9-10900K CPU (with 10 cores and a max clock speed of 5.3GHz) somewhere in the $2.7 billion cost of Perseverance. But as New Scientist explains, such an advanced chip is actually a detriment to the unique operating conditions of Mars.

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See what NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover sees in absolutely stunning 4K

The robot has barely moved from its landing spot, but it’s sending back a steady stream of visual data that’s freely available for anyone to play with.

Since landing on Feb. 18, the NASA Perseverance rover has had a chance to look around and scope out the surrounding landscape, which shows off some pretty typical Mars sights of dust, dirt and rocks.

Cameras on the rover and the descent module that carried it through the Martian atmosphere documented the last few minutes of the long journey from Earth in a remarkable and spectacular way. With the dramatic landing out of the way, the far more chill but no less intriguing task of exploring the surface begins.

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LA musician helped NASA mic up Mars rover, record first sounds of the red planet

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) ‘ It is the Martian breeze heard around the world. ‘That little puff of wind is what saved the day, because that’s the actual sound of the planet,’ explained’Jason Achilles Mezilis, an L.A.-based musician and NASA consultant.

For the first time, a Mars rover’captured audio‘from the red planet ‘and it worked, which is amazing,’ added Mezilis.

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Baton Rouge man helps land NASA rover on Mars

BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) ‘ We continue to receive thousands of new images and sounds from the surface of Mars thanks to NASA’s Perseverance Rover which landed in February.

‘We’ll start bringing all of our instruments online so they can start doing science’ Comeaux explained. ‘We’re going to look for a safe place to fly the helicopter that we brought with us. And hopefully within the not too distant future we’ll start scouting the landscape looking for some samples to take’ he said.

Comeaux has been at NASA for 15 years; working first on the Curiosity rover landing before the most recent Perseverance.

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The CPU from Apple’s iMac G3 is powering NASA’s Perseverance rover

And when you’re sending a $2.4 billion rover on a one-way trip to a planet that is at its closest 38.6 million miles away from Earth, you need a CPU that is, most of all, reliable. And that’s exactly what the PowerPC 750 has shown itself to be time and time again. The RAD750 variant of the PowerPC 750 that’s inside Perseverance has been hardened to withstand 200,000 to 1,000,000 Rads and temperatures between ’55 and 125 degrees Celsius (-67 and 257 degrees Fahrenheit). The RAD750 is currently in approximately 100 satellites in orbit around the Earth. All of them still work.

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