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Nasas Insight Lander Is Using Magnetism To Search For Water On Mars

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Ex-NASA Mars InSight contractor sets legal eagles on JPL over whistleblower sacking
(Jul 2019) Cloudflare comes clean on crashing a chunk of the web: How small errors and one tiny bit of code led to a huge mess The former Mars InSight Lander engineer who won $1.5m from his employer after it

JPL Asks: What Does a Marsquake Look Like?
on 22nd of Jul 2019 NASA sent the first seismometer to the Moon 50 years ago, during the Apollo 11 mission; the agency’s InSight lander brought the first seismometer to Mars in late 2018, and it’s called the Seismic

25 Great Moon Landing Stories from Popular Mechanics Readers
(Jul 2019) Southwest Missouri has had a long history with NASA. The company that made the batteries for . Enough so that I’ve gotten my name included on a microchip on Insight, the Mars lander, the Parker

Op-ed | Making the moon and Mars possible
(Jul 2019) NASA at that time was interested in selling Space . thereby freeing up the funds to build a lunar lander (which really is necessary if you want to land on the moon.) U.S. President George

We’re Sending a Flying Machine to Titan
(Jul 2019) NASA has given the go-ahead for Dragonfly . Troy Hudson tells us about the ongoing effort to rescue the Mole on Mars lander InSight. And Bruce Betts provides the latest on LightSail 2’s attempt to

A brief history of Martian spacecraft and landers
(Jul 2019) The lander which accompanied Mars 2 officially . and then suddenly it’s all gone,” said InSight science lead Bruce Banerdt, who worked on the Mars Observer, on NASA’s On a Mission podcast. “Later on

Why Do So Many Americans Believe the Moon Landing Was Fake?
(Jul 2019) As the simulated lunar lander drew ever closer to the moon surface . it came to the alleged extraterrestrial presence on Earth. NASA (the initials are said to stand for “Never A Straight

Open University partners NASA for lunar instrument
(Jul 2019) Along with NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Centre and the European . The university hopes PITMS – which will be carried to the moon in 2021 by a commercially provided lander – will provide insight into

Nation celebrates 50th anniversary of 1st lunar footsteps
(Jul 2019) At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center . But that one bright wonderful moment was the space program.” The Eagle lunar lander, carrying Armstrong and Aldrin, landed on the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, 1969

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