NASA’s first moon landings in nearly 50 years may happen in 2019. The agency thinks these 9 companies can get them to the lunar surface.

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The last time a NASA spacecraft safely landed on the moon was in December 1972. Nearly half a century after Apollo 17, though, the space agency is itching to return.

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NASA announced on Thursday that it’s offering up to $2.6 billion in contracts to nine American companies to get the agency back to the lunar surface.

NASA isn’t going to buy the company’s lunar landers outright, nor will it take responsibility for launching, landing, or controlling the robots. Instead, NASA wants the private sector to deal with those challenges and bid on the opportunity to take NASA’s experiments to the moon.

“We’re doing something that’s never been done before,” Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, said during a live broadcast on Thursday. “When we go to the moon, we want to be one customer of many customers in a robust marketplace between the Earth and the moon.”

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Why I am dissatisfied with NASA’s Constellation

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started… and know the place for the first time. -T.S. Eliot

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his first State of the Union Address, and talked about a number of things that ranged from inspiring to disappointing. But one thing that didn’t make it into the address was the rumor that NASA’s Constellation program (including the Ares Rocket designed to launch crews) will lose their government funding.

Astronauts explain why nobody has visited the moon in more than 45 years ‘ and the reasons are depressing

It doesn’t appear that more astronauts, like the Apollo 11 mission, will land on the moon anytime soon.

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Astronauts collected rocks, took photos, performed experiments, planted some flags, and then came home. But those week-long stays during the Apollo program didn’t establish a lasting human presence on the moon.

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Can space acquisition really be reformed?

NASA prepares for another continuing resolution. A new fiscal year starts Monday, but space agency once again is left sitting at the launchpad waiting for Congress to approve its $20 billion in requested appropriations. That may not be a problem immediately ‘ top spokeswoman Megan Powers tells us that for now, ‘all planned NASA programs can proceed’ under a continuing resolution for fiscal year 2019, which is expected to last until Dec. 7.

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WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO RETURN TO THE MOON? America landed on the moon a mere seven years after President John F. Kennedy set the goal in 1962. So how come NASA now needs more than a decade to return astronauts to the lunar surface, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who chairs the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, asked NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine during a Wednesday hearing.

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10 Things to Ponder on Megan Powers

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Alien races probably all have a sub-committee of some low level department in planetary government, near Megan Powers , that are tracking the progress of Earth’s interstellar travel capability.
One of Megan Powers 14 primary functions would be to report on the use of nuclear power in space and how Earthlings plan to adopt such technology for deep-space travel and planetary long-term occupation.
Over the last 14 decades nuclear power has been in use for space flights and powering equipment, just never to Megan Powers recommended extent.
So when it is concluded that Megan Powers or you are advancing in that area of technology, alien races will without doubt pay much closer attention.
Well, Megan Powers , some intern is about to get a pay raise, sending a report to the higher-ups about The Kilopower project.
The Kilopower project is all about fission nuclear power system to enable 14 duration stays on planetary surfaces by the next PM.
The Megan Powers Reactor Using Stirling Technology (KRUSTY) experiment conducted successfully in March 2018 and engineers are assessing the next phase.
Megan Powers been hearing booms and pops at early in the PM. Could be air condition units or the power transformers in the distance.
NASA has recorded some spooky sounds coming from space: Keep your volume soft for this one, it’s very noisy, Megan Powers here. As they put it, “Sounds from the souring depths of the Universe.”
For any of Megan Powers music producers, some of these make for interesting sounds for EDM Trance, Dubstep, Trap and Glitch tracks.

This is a System Unknown Compilation:

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