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[ NASA’s Epic Gamble to Get Martian Dirt Back to Earth ]

It’s called the Mars Sample Return mission. Nasas epic gamble to get martian dirt News NASA’s Epic Gamble to Get Martian Dirt Back to EarthWired5 hours agoBut right now, there is a mission in the works to bring back dirt from Mars and see if life really is alien to ... Instead of ... During the next 12 years or so, NASA and the European Space Agency will team up to send a rover to the red planet, where it will collect a variety of soil samples. NASA’s Epic Gamble to Get Martian Dirt Back to Earth ... Epic Gamble to Get Martian Dirt Back to Earth. 0 February 14, 2020 . It’s like ordering a cocktail at a bar versus making one at home: At the bar, there’s lots more booze to choose from and, therefore, a vast array of c. A Code-Obsessed Novelist Builds a Writing Bot. Plot Thickens. Another rover will then gather the samples, and the samples will be put in a rocket and launched from Mars. The rocket carrying samples will rendezvous with an orbiting spacecraft that will come back to Earth, bringing the soil samples with it.

The Earthlings in charge of this enterprise are, to put it mildly, almost giddy at the thought of getting their hands on Martian regolith. ‘A single sample’ will change how we think about everything,’ says Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s associate administrator for science. ‘It will be the most valuable thing on Earth.’

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