NASA Solar System. On 20 October, some 334 million kilometres from Earth, the agency’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will

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[ NASA will ‘fist bump’ an asteroid to reveal the Solar System’s secrets ]

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is set to sample the diamond-shaped asteroid Bennu.Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

NASA is about to grab its first-ever taste of an asteroid. On 20 October, some 334 million kilometres from Earth, the agency’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will approach a dark-coloured, diamond-shaped asteroid named Bennu, with the aim of touching its surface for a few seconds ‘ long enough to hoover up a collection of dust and pebbles. If successful, the spacecraft will then fly this carbon-rich rubble back to Earth, where scientists can probe it for clues to the history of the Solar System.

Date: 2020-10-16
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Quite a lot has been going on:

LIVE BLOGGING: BRAD BLOG Covers CSPAN Coverage of Baker/Carter Election Reform Commission Hearing…

Panel meets seperately from audience. James A. Baker, III — the Bush family loyalist who went to the Supreme Court demanding that America’s votes not be counted in 2000 — presides over first panel.

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Secretely seated Commission’s website here. RAW STORY article on fixed commission here. VELVET REVOLUTION’s campaign to inform the public here.

Author: Brad Friedman
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BREAKING: Federal Judge Compels GOP IT Guru Mike Connell To Give Deposition in Ohio ’04 Election Case

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Mike Connell, the Republican IT guru whose company, GovTech Solutions, created Ohio’s 2004 election results computer network, appeared in federal court today, as compelled, and has been ordered to appear for his deposition on Monday, November 3, just 24 hours before Election Day 2008.

Today’s court order came after a contentious hearing, at which Connell was present. The hearing was part of a long-standing voting rights violations lawsuit, King Lincoln v. Blackwell, as previously covered by The BRAD BLOG and by Velvet Revolution’s Election Protection Strike Force here and here.

Author: Brad Friedman
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Tech News

When Microsoft snapped up the illustrious Bethesda Softworks games studio last month many assumed Xb’

Google has dropped the wrist-based version of its YouTube Music app, but only Apple Watch users can ‘

The iPhone 13 could contain the long-rumoured under-display Touch ID sensor, according to a Twitter ‘

OnePlus loves a tie-in, so it’s no surprise to see the company hook-up with the forthcoming Cyberpun’

The official iPhone 12 unveiling is not yet cold, but with pre-orders now live many will already be ‘

A new analysis from Feminist Frequency has noted an increased number of female protagonists in newly’

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