NASA Turns to the Cloud for Help With Next-Generation Earth Missions

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Publisher: NASA
Date: 2021-10-13T10:59-04:00
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NASA Turns to the Cloud for Help With Next

The state-of-the-art Earth science satellites launching in the near future will be generating unprecedented quantities of data on our planet’s vital signs. Cloud computing will help researchers make the most of those troves of information. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

As satellites collect larger and larger amounts of data, engineers and researchers are implementing solutions to manage these huge increases.

The cutting-edge Earth science satellites launching in the next couple of years will give more detailed views of our planet than ever before. We’ll be able to track small-scale ocean features like coastal currents that move nutrients vital to marine food webs, monitor how much fresh water flows through lakes and rivers, and spot movement in Earth’s surface of less than half an inch (a centimeter). But these satellites will also produce a deluge of data that has engineers and scientists setting up systems in the cloud capable of processing, storing, and analyzing all of that digital information.

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Earth-Like Planets Could be Right Next Door

Even in places where skies are dark and the Milky Way seems to fill our view, the night sky is teeming with stars we cannot see. These other stars, invisible to the naked eye, are red dwarfs’smaller, cooler, dimmer, and far, far more common in the galaxy than stars like our sun.

‘We’ve come to realize that the universe is a pretty unusual place, so we don’t always have to find the exact same conditions [as Earth for habitability to be possible],’ says Dressing. ‘We realize now that it’s important to look for potentially habitable planets around smaller types of stars as well.’

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A Legacy Continues with Landsat 9 Launch

Landsat 9 is a partnership between NASA and’USGS. The satellite’will continue the Landsat program’s mission to capture repeat snapshots of’Earth to monitor, understand and manage natural resources.’

It’s’7 o’clock’on a Tuesday morning.’As you decide what kind of cereal to have,’you accidentally splash’a bit of’almond milk onto your cotton pajama top.’The last’thing on your mind’is a pair of satellites’orbiting Earth’over 400 miles away.’

And yet, those satellites’are a part of your morning routine. They’tell farmers how much water their almond trees’need to thrive and’reveal how’soil once used for cotton’is’now used for fruit.’

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‘From the moon to Jupiter, with love’: NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter snaps incredible image of shadowy planet and its moons

NASA‘s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – focused on observing the moon in preparation for humanity heading back to the celestial satellite -‘has snapped an eerie black and white photo of Jupiter and two of its moons.’

The LRO, which launched in June 2009, snapped the image of Jupiter and its moons, Io and Europa from 390 million miles away.’

The spacecraft sits roughly 62 miles (100km) above the surface of the moon, which is 239,000 miles from Earth.’

Given the extreme distance between the moon and the gas giant and the fact that the LRO is ‘aging’ according to a statement, the image is a feat of technological strength.

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The best iPad apps to download: ready for 2021

While the iPad is undoubtedly the all-conquering best tablet range right now, without the best iPad apps it’s basically just a souped-up Chromebook.

Nobody wants that – so we’re here to help you, whether you want the best iPad Pro apps to make use of the Apple Pencil, the best iPad mini apps to work on a smaller screen or just something to reinvigorate your time with a tablet.

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