NASA to test its SLS megarocket in the coming weeks

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The ongoing pandemic has slowed testing for NASA’s Space Launch System megarocket, but the process is resuming and has checked off a key milestone: powering up the core stage.

An artist’s rendering of the first Space Launch System (SLS) vehicle with Orion spacecraft on the pad before launch. The Orion spacecraft and SLS megarocket ‘ together called Block 1 ‘ and the ground systems at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, will be part of the Artemis 1 lunar mission, scheduled for launch in 2021. Image via Wikipedia.

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Nasa’s new ‘megarocket’ set for critical tests

Nasa has been developing a “megarocket” to send humans to the Moon and, eventually, Mars. The last critical tests of the giant launcher’s core section are expected to take place within the next few weeks. Sometimes compared to the iconic Saturn V, can the Space Launch System (SLS) help capture the excitement of lunar exploration for a new generation?

In southern Mississippi, near the border with Louisiana, engineers have been putting a remarkable piece of hardware through its paces.

A giant orange cylinder is suspended on an equally imposing steel structure called the B-2 test stand on the grounds of Stennis Space Center, a Nasa test facility outside the city of Bay St Louis.

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NASA’s ‘Megarocket’ Undergoes Critical Tests

The giant launcher’s main section’s final critical tests are supposed to happen in the upcoming few weeks.

Scientists often compare the mega-rocket to the iconic Saturn V, and they are wondering if the SLS ( Space Launch System) can help achieve the excitement of the next level of lunar exploration.

In Mississippi’s southern area, close to Louisiana’s border, engineers put a significant piece of hardware through its designated paces.

A vast orange cylinder is suspended on an equally imposing steel chassis known as the B-2 test stand on the Stennis Space Center fields, a NASA test facility near the city of Bay St Louis.

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NASA SLS megarocket shortage causes tug-of

NASA is choosing between human missions to the moon and a robotic mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa as the agency manages its limited supply of megarockets in the coming years.

The agency began developing its Space Launch System (SLS) in 2010, intending for the rocket to be the agency’s primary vehicle for crewed and deep-space missions. But work has been slow, and NASA and Boeing, which builds the vehicles’ two main stages, are only now testing the core stage of the first SLS. It won’t fly until late next year, when it makes the first flight of NASA’s Artemis lunar-exploration program ‘ an uncrewed trip around the moon known as Artemis 1. The schedule will therefore be tight for the third Artemis launch, which aims to land two astronauts near the moon’s south pole in 2024.

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NASA looking at SLS certification schedule changes in…

With the Space Launch System (SLS) Core Stage Green Run still on the schedule, analysts continue to comb through the work details looking for ways to streamline that and other downstream activities.

ESD, which oversees the Exploration Ground Systems (EGS), Orion, and SLS programs and is responsible for cross-program systems integration, is now also looking at moving some design-level certification work of the SLS vehicle that will fly EM-1 until after the test flight.

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