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Nasa Successfully Launched A Spacecraft That Will Study The Suns Atmosphere

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Rocket Lab Successfully Launches NASA CubeSats to Orbit on Venture Class Launch Services Mission
(Dec 2018) The mission marks Rocket Lab’s third orbital launch for 2018. Photo: Trevor Mahlmann. U.S. small satellite launch company Rocket Lab has launched its third orbital mission of 2018, successfully deploy

NASA, Rocket Lab partner on successful satellite launch from New Zealand
(Dec 2018) If you would like to see more articles like this please support our coverage of the space program by becoming a Spaceflight Now Member. If everyone who enjoys our website helps fund it, we can

Steph Curry successfully plays NASA, accepts invite after moon-landing conspiracy
(Dec 2018) If Steph Curry’s plan all along was to start an uproar, get a free visit to NASA and possibly (maybe?) go to space, he succeeded. NASA invited Curry to tour Johnson Space Center in Houston, and

Rocket Lab Completes Successful 1st Mission For NASA
(Dec 2018) Rocket Lab, an American aerospace manufacturer, launched 13 small satellites into orbit on Sunday morning in its first mission for NASA. This was the company’s third launch this year, and the

50 years have passed since NASA’s Apollo 8 mission circled the moon for the first time — here is every Apollo mission explained
(Dec 2018) It was a success for NASA, as it proved that Saturn V worked. At the time, the 363-foot-tall vehicle was the largest spacecraft to ever attempt flight. Apollo 5 launched a few months later, on January

Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First Mission for NASA
(Dec 2018) Rocket Lab’s year has been bookended nicely with successful launches. The startup, which uses 3D printing for its rockets’ primary components, including the engine, launched its second rocket

NASA’s 1st flight to moon, Apollo 8, marks 50th anniversary
on 18th of Dec 2018 NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine — who . On Christmas Eve, the spaceship successfully slipped into orbit around the moon. Before bedtime, the first envoys to another world took turns reading

NASA Begins America’s New Moon to Mars Exploration Approach in 2018
(Dec 2018) NASA and its workforce have never failed to raise the bar of . The Office of the Chief Financial Officer received a successful clean audit in 2018 – the eighth consecutive clean financial audit opin

Virgin Galactic successfully sends test pilots to space
(Dec 2018) Virgin Galactic has successfully sent its test pilots into space . The flight marks the first time that man has reached space from US soil since the end of Nasa’s space shuttle programme, in 2011. W

NASA InSight Probe Sends A Selfie Back To Earth
on 18th of Dec 2018 the NASA InSight probe prepared to make it’s (pretty dangerous) landing on the surface of Mars. We say pretty dangerous as to date crafts attempting to make a landing have only seen around a 50%-60% s

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