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Nasa Successfully Launched A Spacecraft That Will Study The Suns Atmosphere

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NASA makes strides to support a sustainable deep space exploration system
(Mar 2019) It takes more than just a rocket and spacecraft to make a launch successful. Indeed, it is often the unseen ground systems that can make-or-break a space program. To that end, NASA’s Exploration . 1

SpaceX launches Crew Dragon capsule to the space station in milestone test for NASA astronauts
(Mar 2019) Called Demo-1, the mission launched from NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida on top of a . the first to launch American astronauts from U.S. soil since 2011. “Today’s successful launch marks a new

Space Council seeks urgency in NASA exploration plans
(Mar 2019)   SpaceNews

The National Space Council will likely press NASA at its upcoming meeting to speed up its plans to return humans to the moon.

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft launches – video | Science
(Mar 2019)   The Guardian

A successful SpaceX spacecraft launch brings US plans to resume sending people into space in own spacecraft closer.

Almost Ready: SpaceX has work to do before Dragon is ready to carry crew
(Mar 2019)   SpaceNews

This article originally appeared in the March 11, 2019 issue of SpaceNews magazine. Among the thousands of spectators who watched the Falcon 9 launch of .

Sierra Nevada’s Louisville-born Dream Chaser passes latest NASA review, priming spacecraft for 2021 mission
(Mar 2019)   Boulder Daily Camera

Sierra Nevada Corporation announced Thursday that its Dream Chaser spacecraft had passed the latest in a series of NASA milestone tests, likely setting the .

SpaceX Will Send a Test Dummy Aboard Dragon Crew Spacecraft to ISS
(since Feb, 2019)   Interesting Engineering

SpaceX will send an uncrewed Dragon Crew spacecraft to the ISS next month ahead of planned crewed missions, later this year. Aboard will be a SpaceX .

Live coverage: Crew Dragon capsule returns to Earth
(Mar 2019)   Spaceflight Now

Live coverage of the countdown and launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the Crew Dragon spacecraft’s first .

Spacecraft Launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base Capture Super Bloom
Mar 24th, 2019 01:45 UTC   Noozhawk

After capturing tragic disasters such as wildfires and debris flows, satellites launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base have snapped some vibrant images .

Jim McDivitt in orbit – Astronomy Magazine
(Mar 2019) Jim McDivitt in orbit  Astronomy Magazine

Astronaut Rusty Schweickart took this photo of Jim McDivitt inside the lunar module Spider several days into the Apollo 9 mission. McDivitt’s burgeoning beard .

NASA’s flawed plan to return humans to the Moon
(Mar 2019)   The Space Review

On February 14, NASA provided long-awaited details about its plan to return humans to the lunar surface. The agency released a Broad Agency Announcement .

First six OneWeb satellites launched from French Guiana
(since Feb, 2019)   Spaceflight Now

A Soyuz ST-B rocket lifted off Wednesday from the Guiana Space Center with the first six OneWeb broadband satellites. Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace – Photo .

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