Hundreds of people have put nearly 10 years of work into developing NASA’s most advanced robotic

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[ NASA Scientist Discusses Her Work On The Perseverance Mars Rover Project ]

NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with NASA engineer Christina Hernandez about her role in the Mars Perseverance mission.

Date: 2021-02-21
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NASA Scientist Discusses Her Work On The Perseverance Mars Rover Project

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Date: 2021-02-21T11:01:00-05:00
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After years of prep, NASA’s Perseverance rover is ready to land on Mars Thursday

Hundreds of people have put nearly 10 years of work into developing NASA’s most advanced robotic explorer yet, the Perseverance rover, and the moment is almost here.

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Perhaps some of the hardest work was readying the mission during its final stages before launch in July during a pandemic. Much like the mission’s name, her team persevered to make it happen and launch the rover rather than accept a delay that would be costly both in loss of science and money.

The rover carries a tribute to health care workers around the world. The 3-by-5-inch aluminum plate, installed on the left side of the rover chassis, shows Earth supported by the ancient symbol of the serpent entwined around a rod to represent the global medical community. A line represents the rover’s trajectory from Central Florida to Mars, according to NASA.

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NASA releases new images of Perseverance, surface of Mars

In a news conference, experts said they could only hope the photographs from their mission might be able to contribute to already iconic images from years of space exploration.’

“And, I’m happy to say that I’m hopeful that we can contribute with this,” NASA Jet’Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Mars 2020 Chief Engineer’Adam Steltzner stated.

In the first image revealed, Perseverance is shown approaching its landing site in Mars’ Jezero Crater and’hanging just 6.5 feet over the ground. The image was taken from its’“sky crane” jet pack descent stage before lowering the car-sized rover down to the surface’on nylon tethers.

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Date: 2021-02-19
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NASA’s Perseverance rover on course for Mars landing this week

A week after two space probes from China and the United Arab Emirates slipped into orbit around Mars, NASA’s $2.4 billion Perseverance rover, by far the most complex and ambitious of the three, will plunge into the red planet’s atmosphere Thursday for an automated white-knuckle landing.

Promising rock and soil samples, extracted and collected by a drill at the end of a seven-foot-long robot arm, will be placed in a complex internal carousel mechanism designed to load them in airtight lipstick-size containers.

The samples will be left in caches on the surface for retrieval by another NASA rover later this decade.’ That rover will be shot into orbit atop a small rocket and then ferried back to Earth by a European spacecraft for laboratory analysis. It will be history’s first round trip to another planet and back.

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Perseverance rover has successfully landed on Mars and sent back its first images

NASA’s Perseverance rover has safely landed on Mars after its 292.5 million-mile journey from Earth, the agency confirmed. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin discusses the mission’s significance with retired NASA astronaut Col. Ron Garan.

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