Clouds drift over Mount Sharp in the Gale Crater on March 19, 2021, as seen by NASA’s Curiosity

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[ NASA rover spots ethereal ‘mother of pearl’ clouds glistening over Mars ]

Clouds drift over Mount Sharp in the Gale Crater on March 19, 2021, as seen by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Mars has a lot of wind and dust devils, but unlike Earth, it’s not really famous for its clouds. That’s one reason images of Martian clouds from NASA’s Curiosity rover are so stunning.

Scientists had noticed clouds starting to form on Mars earlier than expected, so this year they laid in wait to make sure Curiosity could capture the ethereal formations, some of which took on very colorful characteristics.

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Researchers discovered the earliest cloud arrivals appeared at higher altitudes. A typical Mars clouds would be made of water ice, something we see on Earth. But these high-flying clouds might actually be made of dry ice, frozen carbon dioxide. The idea is still under investigation.

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This may worth something:

NASA Mars rover spots iridescent ‘mother of pearl’ clouds

“More than just spectacular displays, such images help scientists understand how clouds form on Mars and why these recent ones are different,” NASA said in statement on Friday. ‘

Curiosity captured a suite of clouds views this year. You can watch the ghostly wisps moving in GIFs NASA put together. Some are examples of noctilucent “night-shining” clouds made of water ice. “Viewed just after sunset, their ice crystals catch the fading light, causing them to appear to glow against the darkening sky,” said NASA. ‘

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Ulysses (Chap. 15 – Circe)

Faithfull Place, off Lower Tyrone Street, where this chapter is located. Image via The National Archives of Ireland.

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TIME: 12.00 midnight. SCENE: Bella Cohen’s Brothel, Tyrone Street in the red-light district, or ‘Nighttown’. ORGAN: Locomotor apparatus ART: magic COLOURS: None SYMBOL: Whore

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CORRESPONDENCES: Circe-Bella (The Beasts, Telemachus, Ulysses, Hermes. Zoology, personification, pantheism, magic, poison, antidote reel. Sense: L’Orca Antropofoba [man-eating or a morbid fear in the presence of other people??]).

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