NASA postpones second SLS Green Run test

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WASHINGTON ‘ Just days after NASA said it was ready to perform a second static-fire test of the Space Launch System core stage, the agency announced Feb. 22 that the test would be delayed because of a valve problem.

NASA said it was postponing the Green Run static-fire test, which had been scheduled for Feb. 25, after discovering a problem with one of eight valves called ‘prevalves’ associated with the stage’s four RS-25 main engines. The valve, which supplies liquid oxygen, was ‘not working properly,’ NASA said in a statement, but didn’t elaborate on the problem.

Engineers identified the problem during preparations over the weekend for the test. NASA said it will work with Boeing, the prime contractor for the core stage, to ‘identify a path forward in the days ahead and reschedule the hot fire test’ but did not set a new date for the test.

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NASA and Boeing plan second moon rocket test firing

Engineers reviewing data from an aborted first stage test firing of NASA’s Artemis moon rocket have decided to carry out a second “hot fire” test of the huge booster toward the end of February, the agency announced Friday.

Assuming the retest at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi goes well, it will take about a month to prepare the Space Launch System rocket’s first stage for shipment to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where it will be prepared for launch on an unpiloted test flight.

That long-awaited maiden flight had been planned for late this year. NASA has not yet announced a target launch date that takes the retest into account, but it appears likely to slip into early 2022 given the time lost carrying out a second “green run” test firing and required post-test servicing.

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1972 Apollo 17 mission moon rock displayed in Oval Office

When the Apollo 17 crew returned from the moon they brought back a 3.9-billion-year-old lunar rock that is now on display inside the White House‘s Oval Office.

The small boulder held by a metal clamp and encased in glass, sits located on a bookshelf that features items intended to remind Americans of the ambition and accomplishments of earlier generations.

NASA loaned the moon rock, at the request of the Biden Administration, from its Lunar, from the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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NASA Wants SpacePoop Hackers

NASA is looking for a few good men and women to solve an upcoming problem. Astronauts will soon be venturing outward beyond Earth orbit. If the spacecraft cabin should depressurize then they’ll have to put on their spacesuits and may have to keep them on for up to six days. During that time something will have to handle the resulting urine, fecal, and menstrual waste, all without the astronauts use of their hands. And that’s where you come in.

NASA is having a space poop challenge. The current system of an adult diaper won’t last six days. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to design a system that will move the waste away from the skin where it can cause infection. Continue reading for the rather unique requirements.

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