NASA Photo Shows Piece Of Alien Tech On Mars

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A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a piece of alien technology in several photos of Mars taken by NASA. According to the expert, the mysterious piece may have come from a larger instrument used by alien beings.

The latest discovery was made by Scott Waring, the operator of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base. According to Waring, he saw the object as he was browsing through the photos taken by NASA’s Spirit rover on Mars.

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And here’s another article:

Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus spotted on MARS in Nasa photo, crackpot YouTube conspiracy theorist claims

Notorious conspiracy nut Scott C Waring reckon’s he’s spotted signs of a sarcophagus embedded in the red planet’s rocky surface.

Scott, whose prolific posts on his website UFO Sightings Daily have won him a sizeable online following, believes his “discovery” proves that Ancient Egyptians came from Mars.

“I’ve got an interesting discovery on Mars that is going to rock archaeology,” Scott said in a YouTube video about the find.

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“Are ancient Egyptians from Mars? Did they then move to Egypt? Egypt is very similar in appearance and weather to that of Mars. No other place on Earth looks much like Mars.”

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