NASA James Webb Space Telescope. As many NASA centers switch to mandatory telework to confront the spread of COVID-19, NASA

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[ NASA pauses work on James Webb Space Telescope due to coronavirus, weighs risk to other science missions ]

As many NASA centers switch to mandatory telework to confront the spread of COVID-19, NASA leadership acknowledged that prized science missions may suffer delays and that the agency was prepared to make that trade in order to keep its employees safe.’

Among the missions affected is the James Webb Space Telescope, where work is now on hold, NASA officials said Friday (March 20).

Questions about NASA’s response to the coronavirus pandemic reigned during a Science Mission Directorate digital town hall held on Friday. The event had been arranged to allow Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen and several division leaders to summarize and address questions about President Donald Trump’s budget request for the 2021 fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1. As it turned out, that discussion took second place on the agenda.

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Coronavirus updates: The latest COVID

The next meeting of the National Space Council, already scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic, has been postponed, the White House announced March 21.’In a brief statement, the White House said that the March 24 meeting of the council, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, had been postponed to a date yet to be determined.

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Maxar Technologies has warned customers that spacecraft deliveries could be late due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a March 20 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission,‘Maxar said it’s ‘observing stress in its supplier base’ and noted ‘that its California workforce has been impacted by local orders closing many businesses and requiring residents to stay at home’void unnecessary travel to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. ‘Maxar, the filing says,’has sent force majeure notices as appropriate to certain customers to protect its legal rights given the uncertain nature of the current pandemic and its near and long-term impacts on the cost and schedule of the numerous programs in the Company’s existing backlog.’ Maxar’builds government and commercial satellites in Palo Alto and San Jose, California.

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