NASA moon landing program: Jim Bridenstine’ replaces Bill Gerstenmaier as NASA plans to send astronauts back to the moon

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Effective immediately, Ken Bowersox ‘ a five-flight shuttle veteran, space station astronaut and Gerstenmaier’s deputy ‘ will take over on an acting basis while Gerstenmaier serves as “special adviser” to NASA Deputy Administrator Jim Morhard, according to Bridenstine’s letter sent to agency employees.

“As you know, NASA has been given a bold challenge to put the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024, with a focus on the ultimate goal of sending humans to Mars,” Bridenstine wrote. “In an effort to meet this challenge, I have decided to make leadership changes to the Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Mission Directorate.”

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Here’s a reality check on NASA’s Artemis Moon landing program

On Tuesday morning, NASA conducted what appears to have been a highly successful test of the launch escape system for its Orion capsule’a piece of the hardware needed to safely fly humans to the Moon. This test, in concert with the looming 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission, is likely to raise public interest in NASA’s new lunar landing program over the next month.

A little more than three months have passed since Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to move up its plans to land humans on the Moon, from 2028 to 2024, and a lot has happened.’Here, then, is a reality check on the state of the 2024 Moon landing program’now named “Artemis,” after the twin sister of Apollo. This report is based on interviews with multiple sources inside and outside NASA.

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NASA shakes up moon program management

In a major shakeup at NASA Headquarters, agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Wednesday that Bill Gerstenmaier, the widely respected director of human spaceflight, has been replaced in the midst of an ambitious push to meet the Trump administration’s directive to send astronauts back to the moon within five years.

Bill Hill, deputy associate administrator for Exploration Systems Development within HEO also has been replaced. NASA moon landing program: Jim Bridenstine replaces Bill ... program is expected to cost billions more in the next few years as NASA rushes to meet the 2024 target date. NASA hopes to have first woman land on moon with Artemis program A long-time NASA veteran, Hill helped manage development of the agency’s new heavy lift rocket, the Space Launch System, or SLS, needed to carry astronauts back to the moon.

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NASA reopens Apollo mission control in time for Moon landing anniversary

The restoration team went out of its way to source authentic material, whether it was wallpaper from the Johnson Space Center or material sourced from eBay.

Today we reopened the Apollo Mission Control Center @NASA_Johnson after restoring it to appear as it did in 1969. We are building the #Artemis program on the legacy and success of Apollo. What a historic day!

As they stepped foot on the Moon, @NASA_Astronauts called this room to report their success. NASA Moon and Mars 2marsNASA is working with commercial industry to develop mobility platforms, such as rovers, to carry science instruments and look for and sample water-ice (volatile) deposits. Landing a rover in 2023 on the Moon will be the beginning of better understanding the nature of lunar volatiles and could lead to new scientific discoveries. Like a moment in time, the Apollo Mission Control Center has been restored to appear as it did in 1969, just in time to celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversaries.

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