The next journey will take the rotorcraft to a new location 350 feet (106 meters)

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[ NASA Mars helicopter set for new flight after surviving glitch ]

While the tech glitch was concerning, the Perseverance rover was able to confirm that Ingenuity landed itself in a safe spot. The next journey will take the rotorcraft to a new location 350 feet (106 meters) away.

The seventh flight will mark the second time the helicopter will set down on a landing site it hasn’t previously surveyed from the air. The Ingenuity team is using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter “that suggests this new base of operations is relatively flat and has few surface obstructions.”

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In case you are keeping track:

After fourth successful flight, Mars helicopter gets a new mission

After four successful flights on Mars, the Ingenuity helicopter is graduating to a new phase of its mission and will fly for at least another month on the red planet.

The little 4-pound chopper has achieved all of its objectives — and now it will chase after new ones. This also means the Perseverance rover and its aerial sidekick get to spend more time together working on a joint mission.

“Ingenuity is going to transition from a technology demonstration, where we prove the technical capabilities of the helicopter, to an operations demonstration where we’re going to gather information on the operational support capability of the helicopter while Perseverance focuses on its science mission,” said Lori Glaze, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington, during a press conference Friday.

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NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter completes a sixth flight despite some ‘unexpected motion’

NASA‘s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has survived its sixth flight on the Red Planet, but not everyone went to plan, with some ‘unexpected motion’ in the final few feet.

This motion was from an ‘image processing issue’ but the 4lb copter ‘muscled through’ the final 213ft of its 703ft flight over the Martian surface, NASA JPL tweeted.

The flight happened last week, on May 22, but NASA said it would be taking more time to review each flight before releasing data after the fifth flight was over, so information on it surviving the ‘wobble’ weren’t released until Thursday.’

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As NASA Perseverance rover watches, Ingenuity helicopter makes fifth successful powered flight on Mars

The Ingenuity helicopter made its fifth’successful and most impressive Mars flight on May 7, a one-way flight to a new landing area 423 feet from its helipad.

Ingenuity will use the new landing site to generate digital elevation maps, NASA said.’The craft returned to its take-off point in its’previous four flights.

Ingenuity will fly an additional 30 days to test the vehicle’s ability as an aerial scout for the Perseverance rover,’NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a briefing. The craft was originally scheduled to fly for 30 days.

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