NASA is taking a fresh look at UFOs

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NASA is taking a fresh look at UFOs

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson tells CNN’s Rachel Crane that he has began an investigation into recent UFO sightings.

NASA’s new chief is setting up an effort to further study unidentified flying objects within his first month in office.

Bill Nelson, the former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, told CNN Business’ Rachel Crane during a wide-ranging interview on Thursday that it’s not clear to anyone ‘ even in the upper echelons of the US space agency ‘ what the high-speed objects observed by Navy pilots are.

Nelson added that he does not believe the UFOs are evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. “I think I would know” if that were the case, Nelson said. But, he acknowledged, it’d be premature to rule that out as a possibility.

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US covered up ‘ANOTHER Roswell’ when ‘avocado

ALIEN hunters have accused the US of covering up the crash of an “avocado-shaped” UFO – two years before the infamous Roswell incident.

It is claimed that evidence has been uncovered to show a UFO hit New Mexico during a storm in 1945 before being hidden by the military.

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Italian investigative journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris and French-born information scientist Dr. Jacques F. Vall’e have teamed up to’uncover the details of the alleged 1945 crash in a new book -‘TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret.

Over several site investigation surveys, Harris and Vall’e – who’co-developed the first computerized map of’Mars’for’NASA’in 1963 – reconstructed the historic observations by three witnesses, two of whom are still living.

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Some People Believe That the Black Knight Satellite Is an Alien Spacecraft

The explosion happened one billion light years away, which is incredibly close to the Earth by cosmic standards

“While initial discussions indicated 169 aircraft in 2022, we will provide a production range when finalized,” the U.S. weapons maker said. The U.S. government is Lockheed’s biggest customer, accounting for three quarters of its sales last year. Lockheed has said it expects the production rate for the jets to eventually plateau at about 175 aircraft per year.

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SpaceX is by far the largest and most successful private spaceflight company ever, and it’s been able to carve its place in the history books thanks to a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. The company pioneered reusable rocket boosters and successfully developed the Falcon 9, which has a ridiculously shiny record of spotless launches. The first ‘

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How the government started taking UFOs seriously

A government report due to Congress as soon as this month will not provide a definitive explanation for scores of incidents in which unidentified aerial phenomena have been spotted in the sky, officials said Thursday. The report, some details of which were first described by the New York Times, will not offer any firm conclusions surrounding flying objects repeatedly detected by military pilots and others in recent years, The Washington Post reported.

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