NASA images of Jupiter sparks FRENZY as mysterious green anomaly spotted ‘watching’ planet

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Video footage shows the snap captured by NASA‘s Juno space probe on September 13’ and’some believe could be a UFO.

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The bizarre finding was uploaded to YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, where presenters Blake and Brett Cousins speculated it was a spacecraft.

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The green colour could be’caused by’ionising radiation ‘ something Jupiter is well known for’emitting.

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While you’re here, how about this:

Mysterious green UFO spotted on Jupiter from NASA image, sparks debate

Conspiracy theorists have spotted a mysterious green UFO hovering very close to the surface of Jupiter after analyzing an image released by NASA. When IB Times India too checked the respective image now available on the official website of NASA, it was found to be true that’a green object is hovering over the giant planet. Pending expert opinion, here is the first version of the news.

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