NASA Curiosity rover investigates shiny object on Mars

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The target of Curiosity’s curiosity is nicknamed “Little Colonsay” and it looks like a small nugget. The rover’s ChemCam captured a close-up view of the object on Monday.’

Curiosity’s ChemCam is a suite of instruments that includes a camera, spectographs and a laser that helps NASA analyze the composition of Martian rocks and soil. The rover is scheduled to investigate Little Colonsay with the ChemCam to determine if it really is a meteorite.

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10 Things to Ponder on NASA Curiosity rover

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Alien races probably all have a sub-committee of some low level department in planetary government, near NASA Curiosity rover , that are tracking the progress of Earth’s interstellar travel capability.
One of NASA Curiosity rover 52 primary functions would be to report on the use of nuclear power in space and how Earthlings plan to adopt such technology for deep-space travel and planetary long-term occupation.
Over the last 52 decades nuclear power has been in use for space flights and powering equipment, just never to NASA Curiosity rover recommended extent.
So when it is concluded that NASA Curiosity rover or you are advancing in that area of technology, alien races will without doubt pay much closer attention.
Well, NASA Curiosity rover , some intern is about to get a pay raise, sending a report to the higher-ups about The Kilopower project.
The Kilopower project is all about fission nuclear power system to enable 52 duration stays on planetary surfaces by the next PM.
The NASA Curiosity rover Reactor Using Stirling Technology (KRUSTY) experiment conducted successfully in March 2018 and engineers are assessing the next phase.
NASA Curiosity rover been hearing booms and pops at early in the PM. Could be air condition units or the power transformers in the distance.
NASA has recorded some spooky sounds coming from space: Keep your volume soft for this one, it’s very noisy, NASA Curiosity rover here. As they put it, “Sounds from the souring depths of the Universe.”
For any of NASA Curiosity rover music producers, some of these make for interesting sounds for EDM Trance, Dubstep, Trap and Glitch tracks.

This is a System Unknown Compilation:

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