WASHINGTON – NASA has selected 17 U.S.

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[ NASA Announces Moon Supply Unloading System Design Winners ]

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Date: 2020-11-20T11:44-05:00
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In case you are keeping track:

NASA needs your help unloading items on the moon

The Lunar Delivery Challenge is soliciting ideas on how to transport goods via rovers and unload them onto the moon’s surface.

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Author: Bonnie Burton
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NASA announces new partnerships to mature commercial space technologies

WASHINGTON – NASA has selected 17 U.S. companies for 20 partnerships to mature industry-developed space technologies for the Moon and beyond. The NASA and industry teams will design a 3D printing system for NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program, test a simple method for removing dust from planetary solar arrays, mature a first-stage rocket recovery system for a small satellite launch provider, and more.

Publisher: Intelligent Aerospace
Date: Nov 10th, 2020
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NASA selected 17 U.S companies to mature commercial space technologies, capabilities

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October 2010 Top Stories

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Tory Bruno, the Other Rocket Man

Tory Bruno resists the temptation to trash-talk Elon Musk, for the most part. Holding back can’t be easy. Among space enthusiasts, Musk and the company he founded, SpaceX, are the disrupters, the swashbuckling innovators whose cheap, reusable rockets will pave the way for an explosion of orbital commerce and creativity. Old Space, according to this construction, stays hopelessly mired in the past.

Bruno is in charge of the establishment empire striking back. The imperium in this case is United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of America’s two aerospace titans, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, mashed together a dozen years ago to create a reliable national delivery service for U.S. military spacecraft and NASA. Reliable ULA has been, its Delta and Atlas rockets completing 122 successful launches as of last fall, and five more since.

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Kilopower: NASA’s Offworld Nuclear Reactor

Here on Earth, the ability to generate electricity is something we take for granted. We can count on the sun to illuminate solar panels, and the movement of air and water to spin turbines. Fossil fuels, for all their downsides, have provided cheap and reliable power for centuries. No matter where you may find yourself on this planet, there’s a way to convert its many natural resources into electrical power.

The situation on the Moon isn’t much better. Sunlight during the lunar day is just as plentiful as it is on Earth, but night on the Moon stretches for two dark and cold weeks. An outpost at the Moon’s South Pole would receive more light than if it were built in the equatorial areas explored during the Apollo missions, but some periods of darkness are unavoidable. With the lunar surface temperature plummeting to -173 ‘C (-280 ‘F) when the Sun goes down, a constant supply of energy is an absolute necessity for long-duration human missions to the Moon.

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