Movie Review: ‘The Wandering Earth’

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Just when we thought we’d figured out how to address global warming, it turns out that the sun has gone rogue and in less than a century it’s going to destroy Earth and eventually expand to the size of our solar system. We can’t build enough space stations to save mankind and we can’t colonize another planet since they’re all going to be destroyed too. But what if we built thousands of massive rocket thrusters at key spots on the planet and shot the entire planet out of the solar system and onward to the Sol-like sun a 2,500 year journey away?

That’s the fantastic and fascinating premise of the new Chinese made sci-fi blockbuster ‘The Wandering Earth’ and it’s an idea so crazy that might just work. Thousands of thrusters and massive underground cities to ensure billions of people around the world can survive and breed, generation after generation, until the planet can be neatly repositioned in the new system. Meanwhile, everything is utter chaos and when the rotation of the Earth is stopped so that the thrusters can push our planet in the right direction, it’s a smart thing to be 500m underground in one of the cities.

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Chinese New Year Pics: ‘The Wandering Earth’ To Ignite Local Sci

The Wandering Earth and Pegasus were the only films that held press screenings in the Middle Kingdom, and only the former had sneaks tonight, before tomorrow’s holiday begins in earnest. It grossed an estimated RMB 14M ($2.08M), setting a new record for Chinese movies. But this is a wait-and-see game: With so much choice, alongside family commitments, word of mouth is incredibly important during this competitive ‘ and often frontloaded and fickle ‘ frame.

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So, what’s in store for 2019’s potential roller coaster Lunar New Year? The Wandering Earth, billed as China’s first sci-fi blockbuster, is certainly one to watch. Homegrown sci-fi hasn’t made a big impact locally while Hollywood titles like Interstellar, The Martian and Gravity have excelled (Star Wars, conversely, has not). Reports out of China suggest high hopes that the $50M Wandering Earth will usher in a new era for this type of local production. It’s also thought the emotional elements of the film could strike a chord. Buzz from early previews is positive.

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The Wandering Earth could be the film to spark China’s science fiction moviemaking

Laden with an extravaganza of special effects, The Wandering Earth (out in China on February 5) is a Chinese science fiction movie of epic scale that rivals Hollywood space blockbusters like Interstellar and Gravity.

Movers and shakers in China’s scientific community are singing the film’s praises, saying it heralds a new dawn for Chinese sci-fi cinema.

While China’s movie industry has enjoyed spectacular growth since the country’s opening up 40 years ago, science fiction is a genre that has been left mostly underdeveloped due to huge technical costs and the deep philosophical depth often involved in plots.

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A new trailer for The Wandering Earth shows off a desperate plan to save the planet

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