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Movie Review Project Ithaca Science Fiction

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Project Ithaca is some ‘jumbo mumbo-jumbo’
(Jun 2019) And you probably won’t get much out of this science-fiction thriller . The rest can’t even agree what year it is. Project Ithaca was directed by Nicholas Humphries, a Canadian whose career

Sci-Fi Classic ‘Moon’ Available on 4K Ultra HD for Apollo 11 Anniversary
(Jun 2019) Related: Biggest Space Movies to Watch in 2019 “Moon,” was a hit with sci-fi fans and critics alike. The Times of the UK review read . staying with sci-fi for their next project. They’re bringing

Movie Review: ‘Project Ithaca’ – Science Fiction
(Jun 2019) Movie Review: ‘Project Ithaca’  Science Fiction

If you like to see up-and-coming actors and more experimental science fiction, you might well enjoy ‘Project Ithaca.’ Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

Throwback Thursday: ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again!’ (2009)
(months ago)   Science Fiction

I’m sad to report that the Bluewater Comics’ 2009 one-shot graphic novel “Plan 9 from Outer Space Strikes Again!” is a steaming pile of crap that took no time, .

Things to Do, April 19-26, 2019 – Cornell Chronicle
(many weeks now) Things to Do, April 19-26, 2019  Cornell Chronicle

The story of RBG. Cornell Cinema presents two screenings of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54 biopic, “On the Basis of Sex” (2018, Focus Features), April 19 and 20 .

No-touch measurements of vital signs in small conscious animals
(since Feb, 2019)   Science Advances

Measuring the heartbeat and respiration of small conscious animals is important for assessing their health and behavior, but present techniques such as .

Athletic Training in Popular Sports Films: More than khakis, a polo, and a roll of tape?
(months ago)   United States Sports Academy Sports Journal

Authors: Dr. Lindsey H. Schroeder, Dr. Alana N. Seaman. Corresponding Author: Lindsey H. Schroeder Ed.D., LAT, ATC, CES 601 S. College Rd. Wilmington .

Pixar/Walt Disney Animation’s CCO John Lasseter Will Exit The Company By The End Of 2018
(months ago)   Science Fiction

Disney’s chief creative officer John Lasseter will officially leave his position over at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation by the end of the year. Lasseter took a leave .

Jeff VanderMeer: Blur the Lines – Locus Online
(months ago) Jeff VanderMeer: Blur the Lines  Locus Online

Jeffrey Scott VanderMeer was born July 7, 1968 in Belfont PA, and grew up in the Fiji Islands (where his parents worked for the Peace Corps), Ithaca NY, and .

Solid electrolyte interphases for high-energy aqueous aluminum electrochemical cells
(months ago)   Science Advances

Electrochemical cells based on aluminum (Al) are of long-standing interest because Al is earth abundant, low cost, and chemically inert. The trivalent Al3+ ions .

Geva Theatre Center Announces Its 2019-2020 Season
(some months now)   Broadway World

Geva Theatre Center’s Artistic Director Mark Cuddy and Executive Director Christopher Mannelli are proud to announce the 10 major productions and 2 festivals .

The need for checks and balances in academic research (opinion)
(months ago)   Inside Higher Ed

Whatever the mechanism, institutions must put in place a system to halt certain practices that lack morality, argues Nabil Elrouby.

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