Movie Review: ‘Aliens At The Pentagon’

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There’s something undeniably appealing about a good conspiracy theory. I mean, what if there is a secret cabal that’s ruling the world? What if there really is an Illuminati controlling the actions of millions? What if there really are aliens? And they’re among us?!

Self-avowed “world’s leading expert on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories” Nick Pope acts as writer and on-screen host for the documentary “Aliens At The Pentagon” and it’s an entertaining 66 minutes of paranoia, daft video sequences, and an occasional nugget of information that will make you actually wonder whether there is a seed of truth here after all.

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In case you are keeping track:

‘Venom’ latest hit to trump bad reviews with great box office, while ‘A Star Is Born’ soars into second spot

Scathing critical reviews have had little bearing on film performance these days as movies with poor Rotten Tomatoes scores have found major success at the box office.


In the latest example, Sony Pictures’ “Venom” managed to beat critical darling “A Star Is Born” for the top box office spot, debuting in first place in North America with $80 million and topping the previous October opening weekend record by more than $20 million, according to figures from measurement firm ComScore. The previous record holder, the sci-fi thriller “Gravity,” opened with $55.7 million in 2013.

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‘Venom’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ triumph at the box office, leading to the best

This weekend’s top-grossing movies both center on tumultuous romances. In the melodramatic ‘A Star Is Born,’ Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fall madly in love while navigating the many pressures of the music industry. In the supervillain flick ‘Venom,’ Tom Hardy forms a part-loving, part-parasitic relationship with, well, a big glob of alien goo.

The Most Brutal Reviews Of Venom

Sony’s’Venom opened this weekend to a swath of negative reviews – here are’some of most damning ones (and a few happily positive).’Venom is the first film in Sony’s Spider-Man’villain cinematic universe, with plans to develop a swath of projects focused on the many colorful villains and collaborators that populate Peter Parker’s world. And, with Tom Hardy’signed on for three films as Eddie Brock and a post-credits sequence hinting at a high-stakes sequel, it was clear that the studio has high expectations for this film.

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"Aliens At The Pentagon" with its daft video sequences and occasional nugget of information will make you actually wonder whether there is a seed of truth here .

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