Most of us would prefer to forget our most cringe-worthy moments from our younger years, but some

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[ Mothers share their most cringe-worthy and embarrassing moments as young adults ]

Most of us would prefer to forget our most cringe-worthy moments from our younger years, but some mothers have been sharing theirs with the world in a candid online thread.’

The discussion was sparked on parenting-site Mumsnet after an anonymous woman, from the UK, asked for people’s embarrassing teenage memories.

And it wasn’t long before other mothers started divulging some of the most toe-curling blunders from their past.’

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This may worth something:

‘Pen15’ Is a Hilarious Way to Relive Your Middle School Trauma

There’s something about middle school that sticks with you. You probably had braces, some mild acne, maybe bit of a unibrow, definitely side bangs or an unstyled center part. You were awkward, unsure of the social negotiations of public school because you hadn’t had enough practice. Mothers share their most cringe worthy News Mothers share their most cringe-worthy and embarrassing moments as young ...Mail Online3 hours agoMost of us would prefer to forget our most cringe-worthy moments from our younger years, but some mothers have been sharing theirs ... You probably got bullied by the popular kids and embarrassed yourself in front of your first crush‘everyone fumbles on their first attempts. Cringe-worthy moment Tom Hanks’s son Chet, 29, speaks in Jamaican patois at ...The Sun1 week agoThe 29-year-old caused a Twitter storm, after sharing a video of himself on the red carpet at the Golden Globes where ... The ... These formative memories got pressed into your mind because they traumatized you. For most of us, these cringe-worthy moments have since become hilarious stories in hindsight that we file away, until the open pages of an old yearbook bring them bubbling back up.

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How ‘Sex Education’ Is a Series Tailored for the Gen Z Crowd

The newly renewed British import created by newcomer Laurie Nunn is a quintessential coming-of-age narrative with a raunchy twist. 19+ Cosplayers Share Their Most Cringe-Worthy Event ... Cosplayers Share Their Most Cringe-Worthy Event Experiences. Matt Gilligan. ... Can I be the cringe? ... It was mostly great, everyone and their mom wanted a photo with her. Except this one guy who decided to grill her on how much she really knew about portal. He was looking at her like he’d just found a unicorn, but she was pissed as ... Sure, sex is a subject most teens are at least actively thinking about if not consumed by, and the insecurity over that rite-of-passage is something the most seasoned of adults can still relate to, but unlike the millennial rom-coms Nunn and so many others grew up on ‘ think Freak and Geeks, The O.C. and Clueless ‘ Sex Education isn’t content with skimming the surface of that most taboo of topics.

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Ranking The Best Christmas Episodes Of ‘The Office’

It usually involves gift-giving, deli platters, cheap booze, and someone embarrassing themselves in front of coworkers during a drunken stupor.

Christmas parties on The Office are especially-strange affairs filled with cringe-worthy jokes and injury-causing snowball fights and at least one Dunder Mifflin employee being set on fire, but they all have one thing in common ‘ they’re hilarious, stand-out moments that deserve to be celebrated.

We’ve ranked the best Christmas-themed episodes of the show from worst to best (or naughty to nice if you really want to milk the seasonal angle), but each entry brings a bit of holiday cheer, should you wish to enjoy them all.

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Your Stories of Battling Unconscious Bias

On the receiving end, Sherletta McCaskill, who’s black, detailed her time working at an organization that serves homeless youth:

I was promoted to a new position but paid less than my male white co-worker, though I had more experience. Wedding guests share their most cringeworthy stories ... guests share their most cringeworthy stories – from mum-in-law going commando to the bride stripping off Posted on 03/09/2019 WHETHER it's your show-stopping dress or breath-taking choice of venue, your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life for a whole host of reasons. This same co-worker revealed to me that management said I needed to ‘prove myself’ first. Bemused teens share their most cringe-worthy texts from ... you thought YOUR dad’s jokes were bad! Children share cringe-worthy texts they’ve received from their fathers (and they’ll leave you with your head in your hands) Amusing exchanges showcase some of the most awkward texts sent by dads Many see fathers... To the organization’s credit, this division of the company did invest in diversity and anti-racism training. However, the results were very shallow. Workers of color who spoke up were seen as divisive, while workers who ‘stayed in their place’ were rewarded. We could speak about issues of race as long as we didn’t make white people feel uncomfortable.

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Mother absence matters just as much as father absence

Indeed, divorce doesn’t just lead to father absence but to mother absence as well. Not in quite the same way’most children of divorce live with their mothers.

* * *

The end result is the same for children whose parents are married but who both work full-time and year-round. These families function similarly to single parent families: in both instances, Mom and Dad are gone.

Even when the parents are home, they’re so drained of energy they have little left to give. That’s why, for example, no one’s in the kitchen anymore’it’s too much work to cook. The result? Childhood obesity has soared.

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