Miracles in Motherhood

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Stephanie and Paul McBurney, of Clermont, have been trying to conceive for nearly five years. They started in vitro fertilization in February. Stephanie is now 7 weeks pregnant. They saw the baby’s heartbeat for the first time during an ultrasound Friday. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

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In her head, she knew the inability to reproduce didn’t make her less of a woman. Still, she had to remind herself.

Especially during her church’s annual Mother’s Day services, when mothers were asked to stand for recognition.

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Last Father’s Day, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy ‘ the result of a scientific breakthrough marking its 40th year.

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This may worth something:

‘Miracle baby’ grows up to be mother’s transplant savior

When Evelyn Bowens became pregnant with her third child 30 years ago, a doctor suggested an abortion. She was 35 years old and had a weakened cervix, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.


‘The miracle of this whole thing is, I had a high-risk pregnancy, and they told me to get rid of Miles,’ said Bowens, 65. ‘If I had gotten rid of my son as a baby, I wouldn’t have this kidney.’

Miles, 30, has always cherished his mother ‘ she was a single mom of three who sometimes worked three jobs to make ends meet. She taught ‘elementary and preschool in Brooklyn and Queens, tutored at night and on weekends, and worked as a children’s music minister at their church in Hempstead, LI, while suffering from high blood pressure.

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Mom to mom: Reflections on the incredible miracle of becoming a mother

That’s what one friend told me when I was pregnant with my daughter. Truer words were never spoken!

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Being a mother can be overwhelming and exhausting, but it’s also so rewarding. I love that we set aside a day to honor the mothers in our lives. I appreciate my mother now more than ever. From pregnancy to dealing with a teenage daughter, she really was super mom!

Now that she’s ‘Mimi’, she really is superwoman. I have a mother who I can constantly call on, who’s always ready to listen, who will drive to help me at a moment’s notice, who can help with gifts or decorating a nursery. This woman can seriously do anything.

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A timeless classic about a tireless mother ‘ here’s to you, Mary Margaret Plaschke

She was my first reader, my first editor, even my first publisher, her weary fingers tapping out my first words in a darkened basement in the middle of the night.


It was always Sunday, always late. She had to report for work at the Ford plant early the next morning, but she would wait up for me to scribble my youth league baseball game story into a little blue binder. Then she would take the binder and walk down the steps to the rickety tray table that held the whirring Corona electric typewriter.

Once there, my dreams always her dreams, she began to peck away. She didn’t love sports. She didn’t understand everything I was writing. But she pursed her lips and hunched over the keyboard and diligently copied my cliche-ridden sentences as if recording the greatest story ever told.

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