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Changing sperm speed can influence offspring’s sex, mouse study suggests
(Aug 2019)   Science MagazineScientists Just Developed an Unnerving Method For Selecting The Sex of Mouse Sperm  ScienceAlertSperm separation method may allow sex selection in IVF  The GuardianScientists unlock secrets of biological sex within sperm for first time in major breakthrough simpler way to choose the sex of offspring by separating X and Y sperm: Differential gene activity by the two sex chromosomes allows X-bearing sperm to be slowed down  Science DailyView full coverage on Google News

Turtle embryos may determine their own sex—by seeking the perfect temperature
(Aug 2019)   Science Magazine

Newly documented behavior could balance turtle sex ratios and save them from climate change.

Good People vs. Bad Science – Pittsburgh Post
(Aug 2019) Good People vs. Bad Science  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Anthropologist Frank Boas and his students Margaret Mead, Zora Neale Hurston and Ruth Benedict challenged racism’s scientific assumptions.

Using Emojis Can Get You a Second Date, More Sex New Research Suggests
(Aug 2019)   Interesting Engineering

Next time you second-guess ending a conversation with an emoji, think again. New research shows people who use emojis in their digital conversations tend to .

Sex lives of NZ stick insects –
on 25th of Aug 2019 Sex lives of NZ stick insects

A New Zealand insect species reproduces differently in the North Island compared to the South Island and differently again on a tiny island in the United .

Science: When it’s time for the sex talk
(Aug 2019)

OPINION: Very soon I’ll be the parent of a teenager. Wish me luck! We had the sex talk years ago, thanks to award-winning American photographer Ken .

Sex education in schools: Too little, too late, and too biological
on 25th of Aug 2019   Irish Examiner

Sex education in our schools is being overhauled — and not before time — pupils, parents, and teachers tell Joyce Fegan. Following the passing of the marriage .

Microbes Can Change How Spiders Mate
(Aug 2019)   Inside Science News Service

Scientists show that bacteria have unexpected effects in spider sex.

Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Obsessed With Eugenics, Cryogenics
(Aug 2019)   Futurism

Jailed sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly met with prominent scientists for years to discuss his interest in eugenics and other fringe sciences.

Science with Jonathan Webb: Reptile’s sex determined by temperature
(Aug 2019)   ABC News

For many species of reptile – including lizards, snakes and turtles – the trigger for determining the sex is not genetics, but temperature.

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