Middle school students learn about marine science on Tybee Island

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Middle school students learn about marine science on Tybee Island‘Northwest Georgia News

Attending from Gordon County were Kennedy Chambers, Caitlynne Clardy, Jacob Greeson, Brooke Jones, Hannah Jones, Keegan Mathews, Bailey Stafford, and Paisley Stephens along with adult leaders Allie and Caleb Griner. For more information about camping opportunities, please contact the Gordon County Extension/4-H office at 706-629-8685.147

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Her Husband Was a Princeton Graduate Student. Then He Was Taken Prisoner in Iran.

He wasn’t looking for an adventure ‘ he had a 2-year-old son and a wife who had only just arrived in the United States from China. Compared with Turkmenistan, Iran was an open book, and compared with Afghanistan, which he also considered, it was safe. Moreover, Iran’s archives had a wealth of material useful to his research. He would need to learn Persian and at least survey the literature on Iran. But this sort of thing came easily to him: He was a voracious reader with a gift for languages.
He left for Tehran in late January 2016, the same month that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (J.C.P.O.A.), better known as the Iran nuclear deal, took full effect

Fisherman Catches Rare ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster, Donates It to Aquarium

Lucky, a cotton candy-colored lobster, has been turning heads ever since he was caught off the coast of Canada’s Grand Manan Island last month. As The Dodo reports, the rare blue-pink crustacean has since been donated to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in New Brunswick, where he continues to dazzle visitors.


“If all of this attention is making Lucky blush, exactly what color would he turn?” the Marine Centre wrote in a Facebook post about Lucky’s newfound fame.

Robinson Russell, the fisherman who caught the crustacean and donated it to the aquarium, said, “I have been fishing for over 20 years and it’s the first one I’ve ever seen of that color.”

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