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Microsoft Google Use Artificial Intelligence To Fight Hackers

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To Find Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy, Think Like Bill Gates
(Aug 2019) Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) uses artificial intelligence (AI) to keep a stranglehold on the internet, with the almighty Google search engine. When you’re using its Google Maps to navigate

Mustafa Suleyman: The liberal activist who cofounded Google’s $486 million artificial intelligence lab
(Aug 2019) The DeepMind cofounder wants to see that artificial intelligence benefits the many, not the few.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?
(Aug 2019) (Photo by Amy Getty Much more recently, in the 1950s, a team of researchers led by Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy established what would in time become the MIT Computer Science and Artificial

Will China Overtake the U.S. in Artificial Intelligence Research?
(Aug 2019) China not only has the world’s largest population and looks set to become the largest economy — it also wants to lead the world when it comes to artificial intelligence . such as Google and

The rise of artificial intelligence comes with rising needs for power
(Aug 2019) Enhanced tech capabilities are being developed through the use of artificial-intelligence approaches . cloud-computing stalwarts Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, +1.23%, Microsoft Corp. MSFT, +1.11% and Google

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Shift From System To Ecosystem
(Aug 2019) Today, less than a decade later, artificial . Google and Microsoft are creating their own chips specifically designed to run their algorithms. IBM developed neuromorphic chips which mimic the design

Samsung is trying to build its ecosystem but lacks artificial intelligence initiatives
(Aug 2019) Samsung announced many new products at its Unpacked event, but is missing an opportunity to develop AI, productivity, and consumer devices.

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