Melania Trump Takes Heat For Going Braless In A White Dress For Rainy Fourth Of July Celebration

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The first lady shared some pictures of herself on Twitter early in the Independence Day celebrations, but the rain changed everything. Later images, after heavy rains moved through the nation’s capital, showed Melania’s soaked dress offering a very revealing glimpse of everything underneath, and most didn’t find it very classy.

‘Who thought it was a good idea for Melania to wear a white dress w/o a bra on a rainy day? Did they think it was a throw back photo shoot?’ wrote one person on Twitter who shared a very revealing picture of Melania.

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Many things are taking place:

On the Fourth of July, Melania Trump Dresses for Independence

President Trump may have stymied some expectations with his we-are-all-one-nation speech after the military fashion show ‘ sorry, display ‘ in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July, but it was Melania Trump in a slouching-off-one-shoulder mid-calf Carolina Herrera dress, standing silent and smiling by his side in every picture, who really put a twist on the messaging.

After all, if there were ever a moment to go all-out in some form of patriotic dress, to use clothing to make a point, it was this one: a moment conceived by the president and promoted by the White House as a celebration/demonstration of American military might and historical triumphalism; a moment titled Salute to America; a purely symbolic moment designed to create images to go around the world. Mr. Trump himself dressed the part, in his white shirt, navy suit and bright red tie, a little flag pin on his lapel, as color coordinated with Old Glory as it was possible to be amid the tanks.

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Melania Trump’s senior aide to replace Sarah Sanders

Stephanie Grisham has been a leading candidate as press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ replacement. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

Stephanie Grisham, a top aide to First Lady Melania Trump, will be the next White House press secretary, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders and taking on an elevated role as President Donald Trump’s communications director.

Melania Trump announced the news on Twitter on Tuesday. ‘She has been with us since 2015 – @potus & I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the @WhiteHouse. #BeBest,’ she wrote

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Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ parade sets off celebrity Twitter fireworks

Before the first fireworks could be set off at President Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ parade, plenty of celebs were causing sparks in reaction to the event, which got underway on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Thursday evening.

A sampling of celebrity reactions on Twitter leaned more negative than positive. Author Stephen King tweeted, ‘Trump’s big military parade? This is what dictators do.’

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Singer and actress Bette Midler, whom Trump had previously called a ‘washed-up psycho’ after she criticized him, needled the president for five draft deferments for bone spurs during the Vietnam War: ‘Let’s call his Independence Day celebration what it really is: ‘The 4th of You Lie!’ ‘ (Of Midler’s many responses to the event, this was one that could be published in a family newspaper.)

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