Meet Leyna Bloom Sports Illustrated. To see the full list, visit] [June is Pride Month, and this year we’re

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[ Meet Leyna Bloom, the 1st trans woman of color in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue ]

[June is Pride Month, and this year we’re celebrating by honoring 30 LGBTQ firsts. To see the full list, visit]

But Bloom, who’s both Black and Filipina, is no stranger to firsts: In 2017, she became the first trans woman of color to be featured in Vogue India, and in 2019, she became the first to star in a film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival for her appearance in “Port Authority.”

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“I think more agencies, more movies, more films, more fashion shows need to not only hire trans talent but also make sure that the people they are hiring ‘ the crew, the casting directors ‘ represent that, also,” she said.

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Meet Leyna Bloom, the 1st trans woman of color in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue

Bloom is also busy pursuing an acting career. She recently starred in the final season of the hit Netflix series “Pose.” She said it was her first time acting under the direction of another Black trans woman, writer and director Janet Mock.

“I feel like we need more people investing into trans narratives and stories that are not about sensationalizing and sexualizing our experiences but that are about normalizing our experiences so we can just live and breathe in those spaces,” she said.

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“Trans people are not used to having moments like this,” Bloom said. “We’re not used to being celebrated. We’re not used to having the world say, ‘Oh, my God, this is huge.’ You know? It’s kind of like you have to be pinched, in, like, ‘Oh, this is really happening.'”

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Leyna Bloom, Sports Illustrated Swim’s 1st trans model of color, on breaking barriers

When Leyna Bloom started her modeling career, she knew that being a trans woman who’s half Black and half Filipino meant she’d have to work harder and develop an even broader arsenal of skills than most. She thought if she failed, maybe that would fuel the trans women of color who followed.

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“I knew that I was born with certain gifts,” she told TODAY. “There’s people in this world that are born to do certain things, and they just go and see if they get any luck. I always say (it’s) 10% luck.”

She also credits her success with “knowing that there’s things in this world that have not been accomplished yet for someone like me” and her mindset of, “If it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

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In Full Bloom: This Trans Actress and Sports Illustrated Model Is Changing the Game for Trans Women of Color

Leyna Bloom made a splash this year for being the first Black and Asian openly trans woman to be featured in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, out in July. But even before reaching that historical milestone, the 27-year-old Chicago native was changing the game both on the runway and on the screen.’

In writer-director Danielle Lessovitz’s romantic drama, which was executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Bloom plays Wye, a trans woman of color and ‘femme queen’ who encounters Paul (Fionn Whitehead) after he’s kicked out of his home in central Pennsylvania. Set against the backdrop of New York’s vogue houses and kiki ballrooms is their blossoming love. Bloom’s next film, ‘Asking For It,’ a film focused on sexism that stars Kiersey Clemons, Ezra Miller, Vanessa Hudgens and Gabourey Sidibe, will premiere this summer at the Tribeca Film Festival. The actress can also be seen as ballroom figure Pretentia Khan in the third and (allegedly) final season of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Pose.’

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WATCH: Leyna Bloom On Being First Black & Asian Trans Woman On SI Swimsuit Magazine & Movie ‘Port Authority’

(CBS Local)’Actor and model Leyna Bloom has come a long way since her days in Chicago. The actor and model was the first Black and Asian trans woman to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and also the first trans woman of color to lead a feature film at the Cannes Film Festival.

‘The coolest part of shooting Port Authority was the moments before action,’ said Bloom. ‘We’d go over the script and make sure everything is set up right and make sure the lighting is good. The magic right before the magic is where the magic is at. Those are the moments you cherish the most because those moments you don’t see in the film.’

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Leyna Bloom Arrives By Way of ‘Port Authority’

Spring 2021 is shaping up to be Leyna Bloom’s season. In March, it was announced that the model and actress would be the first trans woman of color to be featured in the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, which hits newsstands in July. In early May, she appeared in the final season of ‘Pose,’ and is closing out the month with the release of ‘Port Authority,’ her debut leading film role.

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Leyna Bloom as Wye and Fionn Whitehead as Paul in a still from the film.’ Photo courtesy of Momentum Pictures

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Bloom also arrived in New York via Port Authority. When she was 17, the young aspiring actress boarded a Greyhound bus in her hometown of Chicago, where she first became enmeshed in the ball community.

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‘Port Authority’ star Leyna Bloom on trans love story, how she celebrates Pride Month daily

The hustle and bustle of New York City’s grimy Port Authority Bus Terminal might not inspire thoughts of love in the average person schlepping through the station and into the hectic energy of Times Square.

It’s a clash of worlds, with Paul trying to hide his problematic friends and the fact that he lives in a homeless shelter. The nuanced film also puts the LBGTQ+ subculture of the New York underground ballroom scene (and subsequently, the people of color like Wye and her friends who perform and compete at the events) at its center.

Survival and forgiveness are interlocking themes for the young couple throughout the film, as Paul comes to terms with falling in love with a trans woman. “People of color, trans people, queer people, we are just always trying to forgive people for the pain” caused to the community, says Bloom, as she Zooms in from New York City.

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