Meet Camille Kostek: Is She Really Rob Gronkowski’s Wife?

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Gronk is a party animal. And there’s been several times when he’s been caught on camera partying and dancing with beautiful women. However, there’s one woman who can tame the wild beast. Meet Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend and soon-to-be-wife, Camille Kostek.

She’s a former Patriots cheerleader and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and cover girl who has been dating Gronk since December 2015. But what do we actually know about her? Keep reading to learn about the woman who tamed Gronk.

Her mother, Christina (n’e Decosta), is a gym manager, and her father, Alan Kostek, is a general contractor. Camille has a mix of Polish, Irish, and surprisingly Jamaican descent. She has four siblings (Julia, Thomas, and Alina) and is the eldest.

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Camille Kostek talks future with boyfriend Rob Gronkowski

Camille Kostek and’Rob Gronkowski have been a power couple for a number of years and the model is ready to take the next step.

The 29-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star’told Extra she wants to grow further with the 2021 Super Bowl champion.’

“I mean, Rob and I are going on seven years of being together’ I wouldn’t still be with Rob if I didn’t see us continuing to grow in this relationship,” Kostek said.

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SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek says being ‘separated’ from Rob Gronkowski keeps things ‘hot and heavy’

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and the NFL star have been dating since 2015. And despite their high-profile careers, the star said they’ve found a way to maintain that romantic spark.

“I think Rob and I are a little bit different in the sense that we have such demanding careers that forces us to be separated,” the 29-year-old said on this week’s episode of the “Betches U Up?” podcast.

“We’re able to keep it hot and heavy just because we’re separated,” the former Patriots cheerleader shared. “When you want your alone time, take it. Have it. It’s super attractive. That ‘do me’ mentality is so attractive for both sides and it just makes that time together a little bit better. I feel like I am my best side and my truest self when I’m alone.”

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Camille Kostek Asks Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski About That Viral Lombardi Trophy Toss

Camille Kostek interviewed her boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski, ahead of Guy Fieri’s ‘Restaurant Reboot,’ streaming June 12 on Facebook.

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Sports illustrated

The supermodel talks about working for the legendary magazine and being recognized as Rookie of the Year.

The 23-year-old Brazilian native said she was “excited and honored” to make history by appearing in the iconic magazine.

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It’s not often that NFL star Rob Gronkowski is overshadowed, but the New England Patriots star’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek, managed to just that his week.

“Sports Illustrated” swimsuit models Sailor Brinkley Cook and Robyn Lawley talk about the emotional project “In Her Own Words” on Thursday’s “The Morning Breath.”

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