Measles outbreak highlights the privilege that allows willing ignorance

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Measles outbreak highlights the privilege that allows willing ignorance‘DU Clarion

Hundreds of people were quarantined in Los Angeles County as of Apr. 25 after five cases of measles were reported in the area, threatening the lives of ‘

Hundreds of people were quarantined in Los Angeles County as of Apr. 25 after five cases of measles were reported in the area, threatening the lives of thousands of people by potentially spreading an easily preventable disease. Measles is known for its ability to be easily transferred from person to person, even just through coughs and sneezes, which gives reasoning for health officials’ insistence on peoples’ sequestration. The public’s refusal to accept vaccination practices shows just how much privilege some Americans have, in that they blindly support pseudoscience and endanger other people at their own behest.

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Inside Scientology’s Measles-Infested Million

The Scientology cruise ship Freewinds, whose passengers take advanced courses that can run an estimated $2 million, was quarantined in St. Lucia due to a measles outbreak.

‘So yes, the story is true, the Freewinds is in St. Lucia and we’ve been quarantined because a passenger did get diagnosed with the measles,’ Scientologist Bernard Bonner wrote in a statement on Facebook, first reported by watchdog website The Underground Bunker. The church did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to Bonner, the situation began when a U.K. passenger who boarded the vessel last week started experiencing cold symptoms and later, a rash. He claims an on-board doctor administered a blood test, which came back positive for measles, and immediately isolated the woman from the rest of the passengers. ‘As Scientologists, we follow every law. The woman is now OK and the measles has past [sic],’ Bonner said. ‘We have not been given her identity or whereabouts and none of us care. People ‘Can’ come on the boat but St. Lucia law is not allowing anyone off [sic].’

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ProfNet Experts Available on Measles Outbreak, Mental Health, More

NEW YORK, May 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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2 pregnant women among those affected by measles outbreak

Startling new numbers in the measles epidemic were released by the city Wednesday, showing that 390 people in the city have been infected, including two women who are pregnant.

The city Health Department says during a past outbreak, one pregnant woman who had measles gave birth to a baby with the infection. Another woman had a miscarriage.

The outbreak has continued despite efforts by the city to stem it, including a vaccination order that went into effect nearly two weeks ago. Several schools have been shuttered and parents fined.

The city has now updated its guidelines for children. They’re recommending an extra dose of the MMR vaccine for children between 6 months and 4 years old who are in affected areas like Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park.

Date: 2019/04/24
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