Lots of Scientists Won Office in 2018, But…

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314 Action, the organization I founded two years ago to help scientists run for office, backed many of these candidates with the help of our grassroots efforts. With the help of our network of nearly 500,000 supporters, nine of our endorsed candidates won federal office, 20 percent of the newly elected Democratic House members.

In the two years since 314 Action first sounded the call for scientists to run for office, a lot has happened in the world of pro-science advocacy. On the one hand, we’ve since seen scientists get more involved in politics by marching in the streets, advocating for candidates and’my personal favorite’stepping up to run for office in record numbers. However, on the other hand, we’ve also seen a president whose administration and party have taken a no-holds-barred approach to denying, undermining and sometimes attacking mainstream science and scientists.

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What the 2018 Electorate Tells Us About 2020 and Beyond

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For two or three weeks before November’s midterm election, there was no better parlor game in Texas than trying to figure out what the daily early voting numbers coming in from the Secretary of State’s Office actually meant. Was 2018 going to be politics as usual in Texas or was the Beto O’Rourke campaign right when it said a midterm electorate like no one had ever seen before was going to show up?

As the election grew closer, Ryan’s reports began to indicate that 2018 really was a different sort of midterm, something that was borne out on Election Day. The electorate that showed up looked a lot more like those who typically cast ballots in a presidential election year. Younger voters turned out in greater numbers, as did first-time voters and those without strong voting histories.

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ScoreKeeper’s Top Ten Film Scores of 2018

When I reminisce upon the collective output of film scores I experienced in 2018 I’m intrigued by two stimulating observations. The first is how surprised I am by what scores piqued my interest the most. I have an open mind and try to ignore expectations when first experiencing a film and its score; however, if you do this long enough, it’s inevitable to notice patterns. There were a lot of fantastic film scores composed this past year (a higher ratio than in previous years) and many of them were completely unexpected.’

The second intriguing observation is how deeply these scores counter what I usually preach. While I’m constantly on the lookout for bolder, braver scores that take risks and eschew popular trends, I find myself impressed with a handful of titles that excelled at countering these ideals. Though I certainly wouldn’t call these scores ‘safe,’ I recognize they weren’t just taking risks for the sake of risk-taking alone. There were a lot of smart decisions made in the world of cinema in 2018 and it was refreshing to experience so many in film music.’

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Clemson Announces Its Arrival as the Program of College Football’s Present and Future

Nearly a year later, Wilkins stood behind Swinney on a stage at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., with football-shaped confetti pouring down around them. As Swinney explained how Clemson’s second national title in three seasons might lead to more, Wilkins stuck his right index finger in his mouth, swished it around and then deposited that digit directly into Swinney’s right ear. That wouldn’t have happened had Alabama’s Nick Saban been standing on the stage again, but it seemed a perfect thank you for Swinney. He can coach his way to two national titles, but he’ll always remain down to earth enough to get a soggy earful from his most respected player.

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Film critics choose ‘The Rider’ as best picture of 2018

NEW YORK (AP) – The National Society of Film Critics on Saturday chose Chloe Zhao’s low-budget debut feature, ‘The Rider,’ as best picture of 2018.

Director Alfonso Cuaron‘s black-and-white ‘Roma’ period piece set in modern Mexico won the most awards – as best picture runner-up, best foreign-language film and for best cinematography. Cuaron also got the award for best director.

The society of leading movie critics voted for Olivia Colman as best actress in ‘The Favourite,’ and Ethan Hawke as best actor in ‘First Reformed.’ The top accolade for best supporting actor went to Steve Yeun of ‘Burning,’ while Regina King of ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ nabbed best supporting actress. About 40 of the society’s 64 members voted.

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