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7 Stocks to Buy From the T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund

Want to make money on the stock market? One of the best ways to find good healthcare stocks to buy is by following the best ideas of successful portfolio managers.

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Well, you could use a mutual fund screener to find top performers. Or, you could do a Google search for mutual funds that gained notoriety in 2018 and buy the fund manager’s best ideas. I’m talking about stocks in the top 10 or top 25 holdings.

The only problem with this solution is that mutual fund holdings aren’t real time, so you’re usually getting a list of stocks that are stale, dated, and no longer at the top of the fund manager’s holdings list or even a holding 4-6 weeks after the end of the quarterly report.

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How To Spring Clean For Business Innovation

Unless your tech equipment and protocols are practically new, they might be bogging down your operations. For instance, a laptop that’s several years old has lost its efficiency. Systematically scour each tech tool and platform you use, looking for opportunities for upgrades or replacements. Have to pitch electronics? Look for safe, eco-friendly e-waste management solutions.

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And the blog you never quite mastered? Now is the perfect time to recommit to maintaining an editorial calendar. After giving your website the Windex treatment, tend to your social profiles on Facebook and other platforms. Are they aligned with your brand image? Do they offer up-to-date information? If your searches reveal you’re grappling with online reputation problems, address them quickly with the help of an expert.

Publisher: Forbes
Date: 2019-04-30
Author: Serenity Gibbons
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15 things I learned about air travel after traveling the world for a year

Over the last year, I have flown a lot: I’ve taken more than 30 flights in 20 countries since March 2018.

I’ve made more than a few rookie mistakes, even after visiting dozens of countries. Last August, I got fleeced for over $100 in fees on a flight with a budget airline. You never stop learning.

* * *

Last August, I booked a cheap flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to Lisbon, Portugal for what I thought was the bargain price of $89 on WizzAir, the budget Hungarian airline.

But, after booking, I found that I was charged fee after fee that ended up costing more than my entire flight ticket, including fees for baggage, administration, airport check-in, and an in-flight meal.

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