Like something out of a Science Fiction movie: the largest aircraft in the world stands for the first Time

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The world’s largest aircraft STRATO-launch has completed on Saturday in California, his first test flight. Videos for Like Something Out Of A Science Fiction 1:00 Drug Bust Like ' Something Out of Science Fiction Movie' YouTube In the two and a half hour flight, the model aircraft reached an altitude of over 5000 meters and a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour as the company STRATO launch Systems Corporation announced. 1:26 Electric car with spider- like legs allow it to tackle all forms of uneven terrain Facebook The huge plane with a wingspan of 117 meters was started from the airport, a Space Port in the Mojave desert, and after the test flight landed without a hitch ‘ ‘gently and precisely’ as it was called. 1:27 Electric car with spider- like legs allow it to tackle all forms of uneven terrain Facebook The ‘Roc’, named after a mythical creature, which brought euphoria to the entire STRATO launch Team.

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LG’s folding smartphone will turn into something that you see only in science

LG recently filed a patent in which they discussed their upcoming folding smartphones in detail. 1:26 Electric car with spider- like legs allow it to tackle all forms of uneven terrain Facebook Although it’s yet another mee too foldable smartphone, there’s something futuristic about the device. “It looks like something out of science fiction” | MetaFilter like - something - out -of... Yeah, the similarity to Dark Forest/ Three Body Problem Is striking in a way that... it seems like more and more we're experiencing a collapse of fiction and 'reality.' This is a little more than mildly concerning. It’s the display!

LG has done something that was only possible in science-fiction movies. The manufacturer has managed to pull off a transparent display in their foldable smartphone, something that no other manufacturers haven’t been able to deliver till date. Also, LG showed zero tolerance to bezels and created an almost all-screen folding smartphone. Otherwise, it’s an innie.

Atheism in the face of omnipotence in science fiction

In the distant future, the furthest reaches of space, or the most disparate parallel universes of science fiction, you’re likely to run across two things: atheists, and omnipotent beings. For every insistence of rational thought, every scoff at the notion of gods or higher powers, there is a character who can snap their fingers and defy every known law of physics, who can be anywhere and see everything, and who the writers seem to almost bend over backward to avoid calling what they are: a god.

To some degree, this happens because most popular science fiction leans a little more fantasy than the name suggests, meaning godlike powers don’t need to always be defined by a specific scientific fact or theory. Nonetheless, it’s a trope deeply entrenched in the genre, and one that leaves a lot of room for examination.

Student filmmaker brings science fiction, diversity to independent project

Devin Durocher has spent the better part of the year writing, producing and directing his own short film called ‘Reggie’ ‘ a science fiction comedy about a robot and the ups and downs of the world he lives in. Seeking to create a well-made film, Durocher worked to teach himself how to fundraise for his projects and incorporate a diverse cast and sophisticated props.

When faced with having to complete the required class-wide capstone film project, Durocher said he desired more creative control. He opted to instead create his own film as an independent study.

‘The one thing I wanted to do and would make this absolutely different than any other film class they offer was I wanted to pitch this film and get some training,” Durocher, a media and information senior, said. “Standing up in front of people telling them the idea and either getting rejected or getting money to help make this film.”