Letters Sunday Sept Texas COVID The Register. Doesn’t Texas have a responsibility to provide them with food and a place to live?

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[ Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 26: Texas, science, COVID-19 and a farewell to a librarian – The Register ]

Thousands of people are huddled on the Texas side of the Rio Grande with little food or sanitation. Doesn’t Texas have a responsibility to provide them with food and a place to live? After all, Texas law protects those with a heartbeat.

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The American Dream, with its hunger for more, has become our nightmare. We are experiencing a Malthusian catastrophe, yet we refuse to change. It’s business as usual. Homeless camps, fires and a ravaged environment are stark illustrations of our flawed thinking.

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Mary Leighton (Letters, Sept. 20) argues that building a post-COVID-19 “normal’ should be done with humble community conversation and, of course, never with haste. While I like attacking problems in a relational nexus with other problems,’to avoid paralysis’there are limits to that strategy.

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Not to change the topic here:

Jill Biden returns to in-person teaching at her Virginia community college and makes history as the first First Lady to work a full

First Lady Jill Biden returns to the classroom Tuesday at Northern Virginia Community College, where she has worked since 2009.’

Biden, 70, teaches English and writing at the school. She is the first first lady to work a paid job while her husband is in office.’

Biden will commute via motorcade to the Alexandria campus every Tuesday and Thursday, and will even hold office hours. Secret service agents will be accompanying the first lady.’

The first lady has said she is anxious to return to the classroom after more than a year of Zoom learning.’

‘I hope you’re as excited as I am for those clean whiteboards, the freshly waxed floors, and, best of all, the bright faces of our students ‘ in person,’ Biden said over the summer.

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Though the recent election was mostly an expensive waste of time, it highlighted an emerging problem that all Canadians should be worrying about: China’s interference into Canada’s domestic politics.

Most of the ideas in Bernier’s platform would be perfectly welcome within big-tent conservative parties in other countries

In the province of Ontario, it is now legal to buy a doughnut, but illegal to eat it in the restaurant without the proper paperwork

Justin Trudeau has been singularly focused on trade with China, regardless of what the country’s sadistic leadership does

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Sancho, the Election Supervisor of Leon County, Florida who exposed a number of security flaws in Electronic Voting Machines made by the Diebold corporation of North Canton, Ohio, today launched legal “breach of contract” proceedings against the company. The action has been filed on behalf of the Leon County Supervisor of Elections office.

In a conversation moments ago with Sancho, he confirmed to The BRAD BLOG that “we filed a breach action this morning, pursuant to a contract which notifies Diebold we are pursuing all available options.”

The breach concerns Diebold’s refusal to deliver their latest operating system for the optical scan voting systems which had previously been used in Leon County — until Sancho discovered an alarming security flaw in the system at the end of last year.

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Josefina L’pez’s Casa 0101 amplifies Boyle Heights voices. Even as the new Academy Museum recognizes her ‘Real Women Have Curves,’ small theaters like hers struggle.

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